Test Automation Solution


Think Future Automation Generic System (TAGS) is a generic framework which provides a comprehensive end-to-end automation solution. The primary functional aspect of TAGS is its easy integration with Automation and Test Management Tools and support for a wide range of platforms and Web browsers. TAGS is specifically designed to support core Automation Tools such as Selenium, Test Complete, HP QTP and Test Management Tools like HP Quality Center, Microsoft Test Manager, and XStudio.


In its core, TAGS combines three major components:
  • Test Management tools (such as Quality Center, Microsoft Test Manager)
  • Test Automation Script (No programming, written QA testers in an spreadsheet)
  • Test Execution Engines (Such as Selenium Web-driver, Microsoft Coded UI)

Test Management Tool hosts Test Flows and also initiates Test Execution. TAGS engine acts as glue layer for Test Management Tool. Interaction between Test Management tools and TAGS is maintained using open API. The retrieved results and exceptions from Automation Tool are sent back to Test Management Tool for later viewing.

  • Easy integration with test management tools
  • Parallel test execution on multiple browsers
  • High Degree of Reusability
  • Performs Database Testing, Handles A/B testing and Web/ Mobile API testing
  • Integrates with test management tools- Quality Center, VS Test Manager 2010, xStudio
  • Reporting in xml, html format
  • Simple Object Repository and Backend Validations
  • Uses spreadsheets to define test flows
  • Execution on Cloud such as Saucelabs' Sauce ondemand