Toolbar Impact-Performance

Toolbar Impact-Performance

Performance Testing Tool:

Although toolbars have many useful features, still common user's perception is as toolbar's slow down the browser speed leading to poor system performance.This is the reason why most of the toolbars are uninstalled by users resulting in huge revenue loss for the toolbar companies.

TFT has designed a testing tool to do an objective measurement of 'Impact of toolbars on systems performance'. This tool is designed to study the performance of the Addons (Toolbars & their combinations) with various browser version of IE,FF and CH on various Operating Systems (Win XP, win Vista, Win7-32bit, Win7-64bit) with different upload speed (2.5Mbps, 5Mbps) on several Geo's(India, Germany, USA, UK). as well as the study of their Memory Leakage.The benefits of using this tool lies in automation of the test case steps resulting in reduction of manual efforts and higher accuracy in the results. The following performance parameters are captured during the test:

  • Load Time(msec)
  • Total Memory(Mb)
  • MemoryPrivateWorkingSet(Mb)
  • CPU Usage(%)

TestScenario for Addon Performance:

The test case included capturing the performance parameters each time after certain defined browser actions like (Open Browser, New Tab, New Window , hit Urls etc.). The URL's included a heavy site which is updated daily, a heavy flash site, a search engine.

Test Scenario for Memory Leakage:

To check the memory used by the addon on the certain browser initially after the defined browser actions, then capturing the same parameter for same defined action after 24-hrs and then after 48 hrs to have an idea of the Memory usage for day1, day2 and so on and then comparing the memory usage day wise to see the memory leakage by the addon for that particular browser and OS.