Augmented Reality

Think Future Technologies helps you with augmented development and testing services at every stage of the software development lifecycle. We help in creating an AR web and Mobile application, where an end user can get a real-time feel of the product on his/her surrounding. We also identify and eradicate augmented issues in your application development lifecycle. Coming with significant experience of a decade from diverse applications, different geographies, technologies, and businesses; TFT provides you with the best approach and methodology for augmented development and testing services and validation of your critical software projects. With these skill set we evaluate the end-user experience under fluctuating amounts of traffic and impact of different scenarios, TFT ensures that the application satisfies the end-user needs.

What is Augmented Reality?

An improved version of reality where live direct or indirect glimpses of physical real-world environments are augmented with superimposed computer-generated images over a user’s view of the real-world, thus intensifying one’s current understanding of reality.

Some SDK for AR development:

  • Vuforia
  • EasyAR
  • Wikitude
  • ARToolKit
  • Kudan

Types of Augmented Reality:


  • Marker-based augmented reality mobile applications depend on picture recognition.
  • They utilize a camera of a compact gadget to distinguish certain examples or markers, for example, QR codes or pictures.
  • TestComplete
  • Once a pattern is recognized, the application covers advanced data on this marker.
  • The introduction of the AR question relies upon the position of the marker.

Location Based:

  • Location-based AR applications needn't bother with markers; rather, they utilize GPS and other position indicators (accelerometers and advanced compasses) to set up your area and make increased reality objects.
  • Location-based AR ready applications can demonstrate you applications to where your automobile is stopped in a large parking garage, for instance.

Enlarged reality applications are composed in unique 3D programs that enable the engineer to tie movement or logical computerized data in the PC program to an expanded reality "marker" in reality. Exactly when a figuring device's AR application or program module get advanced information from a known marker, it begins to execute the marker's code and layer the correct picture or pictures.

Augmented Reality Use Cases :

Increased reality enhanced gaming headwear:

Utilization of AR headsets is normal among gamers and the experience of gaming while at the same time utilizing them has given the gamers an additional edge of thrill and excite. Current amusements utilize AR innovation to give their gamers a continuous ordeal and influence them to feel as though they are the bots. Utilizing this innovation, the gaming business has helped radically.

Military augmented reality:

Increased reality has been being used by the military for quite a while now and they have improved after some time. The Heads-Up-Display is one of the numerous utilizations where AR has been actualized. HUD is generally utilized for the pilots. HUD comprises a straightforward show that spotlights on transmitting vital points of interest to the pilot without diverting his concentration from the flight. These critical subtle elements incorporate elevation, velocity, and the skyline with other critical information.

The Head-Mounted-Display is material for the ground troops. HMD helps in following foes inside the sight. The reenacted preparing process is likewise conceivable utilizing HMD.

Medicinal augmented reality:

Medicinal AR centers around perception help and on disclosing complex restorative conditions to the understudies. Restorative AR centers around destroying the dangers of a task. AR joined with X-beam and MRI can enhance the view into a solitary framework for the specialist. With Augmented Reality, activities have backed out as it gives a third-dimensional perspective of what is to be worked.

Envisioning possibilities in AR:

In this kind of increased reality stage, organizations are utilizing AR headsets to reenact their hardware in their customer places. This is done to give a review of how their gear will look like in their environment.

Increased reality changing sports:

Games have changed a ton since AR has been acknowledged, and will be improved more in the coming years. An ongoing case of AR changing games is the yellow line that we see on our TV sets while watching football and different diversions. AR has likewise been executed in cricket for following the ball when the player tosses it.