Automation Testing

Think Future Technologies is a market leader among Automation Testing companies. Test automation has always been Think Future Technologies core expertise. With a decade of experience in executing test automation for global projects, we help our clients to achieve significant performance improvements, reduces time to market and assures delivery of high-quality products and services.

Automation Testing

Whenever a software code is modified, there is need to test it for bugs and better quality. With large codebase and numerous functionalities, manual testing used to turn as painstaking, inefficient and costly. Automation testing help to automate highly repetitive test cases to provide testing analysis on core business processes, as a result it helps in costs cutting by 40% and reduce test times by over 20%.

Benefits of Automation Testing

When you start working on an automation testing project, or even propose to introduce automation in teams, higher management is often concerned with Return on Investment (ROI) on automation. Without a doubt, Return On any Investment is a big factor in taking budgetary decisions. While test automation provides very high ROI (in dollars), it also provides other tangible/ intangible benefits, which may be beyond objective measurements, such as these-
  • Direct cost saving by reducing testing efforts of manual testers
  • Ability to run business with fewer in-house testers
  • Efficient use of in-house testers to test feature important to business changes
  • Higher team morale as they are relieved of (burden) regression testing
  • Ability to release product feature more frequently, or pack more features in same release schedules
  • Better quality and confidence in product due to higher test coverage
  • Lower customer attrition rates
  • Find regression defects in earliest stage, saving HUGE costs associated to fixing a defect if found in later stages
  • Test things that are impractical by manual effort

Tools used for Automation Testing

    For Web
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • CodedUI
  • TestComplete
  • QTP
    For Desktop
  • QTP
  • TestComplete
  • Customized scripts
  • BDD
  • Cucumber
    Scripting Language
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • Java