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Blockchain app development & testing services from TFT for business

Blockchain Technology permits digital information to be circulated and not repeated, thereby building a backbone for a new digital era. The global spending on blockchain development is considered to be $2.1 billion, with the maturity of the blockchain software space calculated at a CAGR of 48% by 2022. The blockchain is a perpetual ledger for reporting not only financial activities but can practically record anything of value.

Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has reached 10+ patrons across the globe in developing and testing blockchain application networks and solutions. We are a team of 180+ technology and industry specialists who can tap into new revenue streams, optimize costs, and reduce risks. Our blockchain developers are adept with learning on-the-job, as the technology is innovative and there are updates each and every day. The team is already working on the development of applications with BFSI technologies.

The purpose of the aforementioned technology is to make it feasible for two people to carry payment over a reliable platform without having to disclose their identities. There is no need for the transaction to be verified by a third party. At its inception, the aim of this technology was to enable, sanction, and register cryptocurrency transfers.

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3 sides of Blockchain

Public blockchains
A public blockchain has certainly no access restrictions. Anyone associated with an internet can carry transactions and can work on Consensus Protocol.
Private blockchains
A private blockchain is a restricted zone. One must have an invitation from the network administrator. This helps them secure their accounting & recordkeeping procedures and controlling the chance of moving delicate data to the public internet.
Consortium blockchains
A consortium blockchain is as known as semi-decentralized. It, too, is permission oriented but rather of a single company dominating it, a number of organizations might answer to each joint on the consortium.

TFT's development services

  • Blockchain Technology Solutions
  • Blockchain Mining Software
  • Blockchain Smart Contract Development
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Blockchain Wallets and Exchange Applications
  • Blockchain BFSI Solutions
  • Cryptocurrency Development
  • Blockchain Software Development
  • POC Development
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  • Hyperledger Development

Why Blockchain for business

Both concurred and distributed record in blockchain are valuable when transparency and visibility are recognized, which is still not fixed for a few organizations. Whereas businesses that use traditional database defines user flows with limitations to access data. This has been succeeded in blockchain that enables every person to inspect what rest of the members are making with the shared ledger. This development plays an essential part in authorizing transactions.

  • Incorruptible
  • Permission oriented
  • Decentralized
  • Cost reduction
  • Safe and Secure

Key Benefits of Blockchain

  • Trustworthy
  • Transparency
  • Decentralized
  • Incorruptible
  • Cost Reduction
  • Faster transactions
  • Cost-Effective Supply Chain Management