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Automation Testing

When we use an automation tool to execute test case suite, eradicating the manual testing performed by a human sitting in front of a computer. Automated software testing offers a ground-breaking alternative to manual testing methods. This technology enables the automation of testing tasks and provides comprehensive testing coverage and functionality across the complete software testing life cycle.

Using a test automation tool it's possible to record test suite and re-play it as required. Once the test suite is automated, no human envelopment is required. This value-added ROI of Test Automation.

Automation Testing by TFT

TFT undoubtedly is one of the leading automation testing service provider, this is the result of expertise and knowledge gained from a decade of experience serving the application testing needs of our global customers across the globe and over multiple industries.

TFT developed proven frameworks which enables full lifecycle of automation testing and reporting through one interface; helping our clients avoid time consuming, manual and complex IT processes. TFT also understands that Test Automation is composite, with a lot of software interfaces that need customization and algorithmic locomotives performing workflows and analytics.

Why Automation?

  • Eases operating costs of software testing (testing tools, resources, infrastructure)
  • Cuts the cycle time for QA and testing activities
  • Increases overall quality of applications while preventing customer issues
  • Empowers on-schedule delivery of IT projects with minimal production errors caused because of insufficient software testing