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Get your Mobile App tested with a Single Click!

There is no way to hide poor quality in the world of mobile in this age of Facebook, Twitter and viral flow of information...

Do you know- 60% of mobile users abandon a mobile app if it does not load within 3 seconds? Out of these, 43% said they would never return to the app. And that's just scratching the surface of user expectations!

The bottom line is that you cannot afford to delay comprehensive testing of your mobile app as you would lose the customer forever. Accelerate time-to-market with 24/7 availability of mobile app testing services by Think Future Technologies thereby providing awesome User Experience to your customers.

Think Future Technologies provides you with a remote "testing on real devices" service called TestEveryWhere. This service aims to help mobile application developers in testing of their mobile apps over a wide variety of physical devices without actually investing or buying these devices. The process allows you to test mobile applications on real devices under real-world conditions. No matter where you are located, TestEveryWhere is available to you anytime, anywhere-in an instant. TestEveryWhere accelerates your time to market. In fact, with no hardware or software hosted on-premise, you can be up, running quickly and easily in as little as a few days. Plus, it is easy to use and requires not much training unlike other cloud based solutions. The result? A well tested app across multiple devices across multiple geographies with different providers and under varying internet speeds.