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Mobile Apps are for Everyone!

Mobile Application Development

Remember the time when owning a telephone made you feel like a celebrity. Fast forward to today's time, Mobile is ubiquitous--its everywhere and with everybody.

Mobile technology is already changing the future of the world. There are millions of mobile apps, most of them free. They are for everyone and available for variety of activities and businesses. Mobile applications are becoming increasingly important. Initially primarily for consumer applications, mobility is now of relevance in the field of business applications.

TFT Mobile Solution Advantage

Think Future Technologies offers a complete portfolio of Mobile Services and Frameworks for both native and hybrid apps on a great variety of mobile platforms, making certain your solution connects with users across all of the platforms and devices you want to reach.

TFT Mobile Lab of Excellence (TMLE)

In response to the growing importance our clients have placed on mobile initiatives, TFT has built the TFT Mobile Lab of Excellence - a dedicated cell focused specifically on skills development, training and knowledge sharing of all aspects of mobile development within TFT. This insight is captured in our Mobile Development Framework, packaging best practices and methodologies with the optimal tool-sets for Mobile Development.

Our TMLE includes highly trained specialists (mobile designers, solution architects, developers, testers, and automation engineers) with deep expertise in advanced mobile tools and frameworks. They are ready to manage even the most complex projects you may want to undertake, and can contribute on many levels to your overall mobile strategy. Our specialists also bring deep experience gained through working in a range of industries as well as across many domains such as mobile business applications, content delivery, social networking, and gaming.

TMLE can help your applications achieve the acceptance and usability by delivering device native user experiences, and by running a range of usability tests on them to make sure they meet and exceed your expectations - all prior to roll-out.

TMLE together with our QA and Testing capabilities, has tailored TFT's Methodology to cover mobile solutions. The result is our Testeverywhere solution to drive mobile specific test that can run over all mobile devices remotely, while reducing maintenance and set up cost and resulting to accelerated time-to-market.