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Why should you think of outsourcing for automation testing?

"Quality is free, but only to those who are willing to pay heavily for it." — DeMarco and Lister

Offshore software development outsourcing has become a multi-billion dollar business, with estimates as high as $60 billion for 2007. Areas like India, Russia, China, and Eastern Europe offer large pools of talented programmers who can be hired for a fraction of the rate of U.S. developers. Businesses have found that, with the right offshore partner, they can spend their time to market, lower development costs, spare their own personnel to focus on core competencies, and gain access to high-level talent without hiring hassles.

But that key phrase, “the right offshore partner,” covers a wealth of details, any one of which, if overlooked, can doom an outsourced project and put a business behind the eight ball at a critical point in its go-to-market strategy. Horror stories abound: over-promising, under-staffing, security breaches, culture shock, and many other factors can turn a dream of profits into a nightmare of cost overruns and software that falls far short of what's needed to deliver the competitive edge desired.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing boosts your software testing efficiency and reduces defects as it allows you access to a larger talent pool across countries. If you’re based in an area with high costs of living, working with testers in a less-expensive area (either domestically or offshore in another country) means that you’ll reap cost savings as well. Additionally, working with companies that specialize in testing offer thoroughly tested products as they provide a full package of testing services and cover all of your application’s testing needs. Testers at outsourcing companies tend to be hired because they are good at a wide variety of methodologies.

Why Outsource

Software testing is one of the most important tasks for 91% of IT departments and almost all believe it is crucial to outsource this activity as software testing is an endeavor that demands experience and a good process. According to a recent report from analyst company Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), it was revealed that three-quarters of companies already use service providers with onshore and offshore capabilities to provide testing services.

The importance of software testing cannot be reinforced more. While testing is an essential part of software development, it is not the core competency of most of the companies which are into the development of the software. It involves a considerably wide range of activities such as test strategy definition, test case creation, test plan development, automation strategy, and of course, execution. Outsourcing the testing to the niche companies which have strong expertise in testing provide multiple benefits such as – faster time to market, improved product quality, and reduced testing costs. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise to know that the worldwide software testing outsourcing market is expected to grow from $30 Billion in 2010 to $50 Billion in 2020.

Test automation is a further niche area in the testing space where very few companies seem to have mastered the skills and expertise. Choosing a right test automation partner involves a little more careful effort. Before you finalize your test automation outsourcing partner, here are few things which you need to carefully evaluate –

  • Outsourcing testing services can help to a great deal as the QA vendors bring a lot of competency to the project with their experience and expertise. Hence a QA vendor can be an important add-on as it makes the whole testing process more effectively reduces the turn-around time.
  • Brings a lot of competencies- All of the necessary testing & QA competencies are found in a specialized testing company. The experience earned after years of working in various testing projects and implementing most relevant tools makes. These companies keep improving their QA techniques with the knowledge of years of testing multiple products. And this helps in bringing an all-around competency to your project.
  • Maintain Objectivity- To maintain objectivity in the development of your software and improve overall quality, it is a good practice to make development and QA achieved by different teams or different vendors. Typically, if one team or company performs both development and QA functions, objectivity is lost. The software application will most likely not be evaluated critically. You risk the possibility that bugs or errors will go undiscovered
  • Escalate team strength as per your requirements- While outsourcing QA testing, you can choose to hire one QA engineer, allowing you the opportunity to learn how the vendor works and become acquainted with the experience and education of the engineers. You can test the communication between in-house and with offshore engineers. Over time, if the team demonstrates that they are able to maintain quality and troubleshoot problems, you may want to explore other areas of outsourcing, such as implementing artificial intelligence with testing to make the whole process more efficient and intelligent.
  • Get access to expert skills- Hiring experts from a dedicated agency helps in creating a highly efficient process for testing services. You can leverage the skills of certified and trained software testers who know the best practices and are updated. These agencies provide dedicated testers who are able to provide testing services that are much faster and accurate with the use of testing best practices, tools, methodologies and frameworks
  • Cost Effective- Outsourcing software testing services definitely do away with fixed costs of hiring in-house resources and is more cost-effective. You do not necessarily have to buy tools required for testing purposes. Space and equipment cost of these resources is also saved.
  • Time savior- Outsourcing experts from offshore firms save a hell lot of time for you. If you are running a business than you already have the lot on your plate, adding more department brings more responsibility and it would be time-consuming as well. Outsourcing firms save your time and you can dedicate your time to the key functionality of your business.
  • Spare time to focus in business strategy- If you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you probably care very greatly about the health of your company. As a result, you might have the habit of trying to take on too many things and supervise every task. Outsourcing can help to take off some workload off you and you can focus on your work which you have expertise in.
  • Easy availability- searching expertise on dedicated task can be a tough thing to pull. Outsourcing firms, on the other hand, have the resource of expertise in it which makes things a lot more easier for you.

You may be thinking of outsourcing only as a short-term project, but the most effective use of outsourcing and the highest ROI comes from a long-term relationship. Look for vendors who can work with the traditional project model, time and material, or the dedicated developer model. This gives you the option of writing a contract that can transition from a project or time and material basis to a dedicated developer model. This will enable you, if the first engagement is successful, to leverage the understanding the team has gained of your software and business needs. If you're new to outsourcing, this may be the best way to go, enabling you to gain experience without the possibility of locking yourself into an unsatisfactory relationship.

10 Tips for successful outsourcing

  • A well structured and defined scope and schedule of your project
  • You should evaluate a service provider thoroughly before getting on board
  • You should choose the one with specific experience fit
  • Don’t choose a vendor based solely on price
  • Reviewing portfolios and samples are important
  • Starting it small
  • The payment to clearly defined project milestones
  • You can always negotiate ownership of work up front
  • Seeking support and maintenance after the project is complete
  • Agree on everything in writing

Benefits of Offshore

  • Outsourcing Step-change improvement in enterprise-level p performance
  • Reduced time- Outsourcing saves time and new process can be started asap.
  • Shared risk- While outsourcing you-you share Loss as well.
  • Increased innovation through access to world-class skills, resources, and p industry knowledge
  • Enhanced core- capabilities Strengthened competitive positioning


Proper selection of an IT outsourcing vendor will significantly augment your company’s strategy and operations. Lack of due diligence, however, often leads to negative consequences plus lost time and money.

Use the selection criteria above along with a robust process comparing business requirements against each company’s pros and cons. This will lead to asking the right questions and building a seamless working relationship with a talented development provider.

The Optimus Information model is designed to allocate the right mix of local and offshore resources in order to optimize expertise, speed, and cost. We provide the ability for development teams to quickly add specialty skills to a development team without incurring long-term costs.Our successful track record speaks for itself, and we love to share past work we’ve done. Our global team is made up of a diverse range of experienced professionals, allowing us to work on complex solutions requiring a wide variety expertise. The result for our customers is the capability to far better manage resource capacities and outcomes.

"Testers don’t like to break things; they like to dispel the illusion that things work." — Kaner, Bach, Pettichord

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