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TAGS- Test Automation Solution!

Think Future Automation Generic System (TAGS) is a generic test automation framework which has been specifically designed to cater the need of a low cost end-to-end test automation solution using open source tools. TAGS is truly a script less test automation framework around selenium web driver. This framework is developed by Think Future Technologies to cater different needs of test automation for various clients, and made available for the community as freeware. Think Future Technologies (TFT) is a leading provider of outsourcing software development, QA & Testing and related services.

TAGS is built with the idea that test automation scripts should be written by manual testers who may not have programming skills but have all the knowledge of test requirements. It should be low cost and based on reliable open source technologies. And that one should be able to use any preferred QA practices, frameworks, and automation tools around it. Currently framework is customized for selenium for web GUI automation and XStudio for test management.

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