Enterprise Collaboration Practices

Enterprise Collaboration Practices

Powering the EXCEPTIONAL enterprise through the continuum of process, technology and innovation...

The Situation Today!!

To achieve superior and successful business outcomes in today's era, there is no shortcut! Sorting and choosing those technologies that can enable truly productive collaboration is a big challenge to enterprise as times of change continue to bring new opportunities.

Client Challenges

  • Imbalanced scorecard of analyzing, adopting, and implementing processes to meet their goals and visions
  • Unmanageable information and modules within organizations
  • Locating the right processes with appropriate expertise
  • Creating opportunities to innovate by teaming up the right people

What TFT provides

  • A robust platform for Enterprise Collaboration with strategic guidance for industry standard practices and emerging technologies
  • Transformation Services using Neuron Framework
  • Full Lifecycle Management for Enterprise Content Management, Web Content Management & Business Intelligence
  • Proven, objective and quantifiable models that help you assess the readiness maturity of your organization
  • Established ITIL compliant Managed Services for SharePoint Administration & Governance
  • Integration with Legacy & Line of Business Systems using out of box or custom adaptors
  • Implement unified Business Intelligence Solution for making informed decisions

Business Value

  • Improved productivity & Innovation across all levels of the organization
  • Improved knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Faster go-to-market from improved time-to-productivity
  • An efficient connect with relevant people within the organization
  • Save time & money