Frontend Development

Frontend Development

Think Future Technologies Front end development services deals with those parts of client's website that a user interacts with. Our highly skilled professionals ensures to bring some of your business logic from the server level to browser level, resulting in an effective web application.

What we do:

Architecture and Design: We design your application while meeting the exact requirements of your web development project.

UI and UX: We utilize widget development and application best practices to optimize web development.

Performance Monitoring: We optimize and implement best practices improving your web development performance efforts.

Custom development: We help our clients with version migration and cross-browser verification processes.


What is Javascript

JavaScript is a scripting or programming language that enables you to implement complex things on website pages — each time a site page accomplishes something other than stay there and show static data for you to look at — showing timely content updates, intuitive maps, energized 2D/3D illustrations, looking over video jukeboxes, and so on.

Javascript for Frontend

Javascript has become the de-facto standard for browser-based applications. Since its introduction, javascript has been ahead of its competitors and now it has not only become one of the prominent languages in its kind but it has also disbursed beyond the client side to become a domineering language on the server side, as well. Javascript is compatible with other programming languages such as HTML & CSS and executes automatically assisting each other as the web page loads. Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides all three together to build the good and interactive websites with good load speed.

Why TFT for Javascript?

Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been practicing and developing javascript projects since 2006 and till date TFT is versed with experience in building exceptional web applications for 300+ clients across the globe. A wide range of JavaScript development services are offered by us, either you are starting up with a new project, or optimizing an existing web development application.

Project completed
Man years of experience

TFT supports a large number of frameworks and libraries of JavaScript that are used to develop applications in order to bring better structure in your projects. TFT brings to bear more than 35 man years of experience in Javascript.

TFT's Idiosyncrasy with Javascript

  • Fully Integrated with HTML & CSS
  • Simple
  • By default, it is braced by all major browsers./Major browsers default
  • Puts application development on a fast track/ on time deployment & delivery
  • Provides a cost-effective & scalable solution
  • De-risks Java Enterprise technology adoption and standardization needs
  • Brings the benefit of new technology adoption as soon as they are available

Benefits of Javascript

  • JavaScript is a client side language
  • JavaScript is an easy language to learn
  • JavaScript is comparatively fast for the end user
  • Extended functionality to web pages
  • Easy to debug and test
  • Platform independent
  • Browser Security

What makes JavaScript unique?

    There are at least three great things about JavaScript:
  • Full integration with HTML/CSS.
  • Simple things are done simply.
  • Supported by all major browsers and enabled by default.


  • JavaScript was at first made as a program just language, however, now it is utilized in numerous different environments also.
  • As of now, JavaScript has an exceptional position as the most generally received program language with full integration with HTML/CSS.
  • There are numerous languages that get "transpiled" to JavaScript and give certain highlights. It is prescribed to investigate them, at any rate quickly, subsequent to acing JavaScript.


TFT HTML5 services make web apps as powerful and flexible as native desktop and mobile apps. The updated features include support for audio, video, offline support, along with the access to hardware features like camera, accelerators and GPS. TFT's HTML5 development services help our clients to expand their brand value as well as business. We strive to bring in perfect solutions to leverage businesses by proofing high tech applications that are rich in functionality and user interaction.


  • Cross Browser support
  • Better user interactions between content and dynamic websites
  • Clean code and smarter storage
  • Code portability across multiple platforms
  • Better Security and Safer web apps
  • Remarkable User navigation


BackboneJS, AngularJS, EmberJS. We pick the perfect one for your website. Each one has its particular uses and TFT believes that your site shouldn't be limited by our preference. We will go out of our way to test and use as many frameworks as possible so we know what will work best for your website.

Bootstrap Web Development

Bootstrap web development shapes up highly responsive mobile web applications.

Bootstrap is a Javascript-based open source framework that has been designed for front end web development, making the task of developing interface components easier. TFT uses this responsive framework to develop fast, responsive and interactive websites making them compatible with a wide range of mobile devices. Additionally, websites developed with this framework are compatible on PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and mobile phones.

TFT delivers a wide range of bootstrap web design and bootstrap web development services for all business verticals matching their dynamic web design and development needs. With smooth, instinctive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework, we ensures you a faster and easier web development.


  • Cross Platform
  • Integration
  • Compatibility
  • Open Source
  • Responsive design Base CSS
  • Web UI Component
  • Javascript Plugins
  • Built on LESS