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TFT's capability on carrying out Functional Testing helps in testing your whole range of Software Offerings

Web applications, including enterprise Web
Mobile applications and distributed systems with mobile elements
Desktop applications
System utilities and applications

Our Comprehensive Range of Functional Testing Services

Unit Testing

Validating each unit in the code in a way that it performs as per the set design.

Smoke Testing

Deploying the build over the testing environment and ensuring the stability of the application.

User Acceptance Testing

Considering the end user tests the application and making sure that the application can handle tasks on real time basis.

Interface Testing

Understanding how the modules of an application interact with one another to capture unseen flaws which are not identified on the surface.

Usability Testing

This type of testing is done to improve designs, ensuring that your application is tested for all user types to check problems and confusion over experience.

System Testing

Checking system's compliance with specific requirement.

Regression Testing

Re-running the tests to ensure that the application still works well even after changes in the program or code.

The Process That We Follow to Ensure Your Software is Tested for Proper Functionality

1. Requirement Gathering

Requirements Analysis - We start by gathering the requirements which are needed to test out your software in terms of its functioning.

2. Test Planning

The next step is to create a plan for carrying out the test against every finding. For that, we lay down a clear test plan.

3. Partitioning Function Decomposition

Breaking of complex process into smaller and simpler parts.

4. Test Case Design

Once we are done with function decomposition, we move on to creating a case design which can then be shared among the team for creating deliverables.

5. Requirements Definition/Verification

Our team then create exact requirement definition for carrying out the implementation of test.

6. Traceability

Ensuring that all requirements defined for a system needs to be tested within the test protocols.

7. Test Case Execution

During the last step, we execute the test cases and analyze their effect on your software, both in the short-term and in the long-run.

Our expert Functional Testers rely on following tools to carry out Functional Testing efficiently

Boond University cucumber Shutterstock Payobin Webdam Connectoo Playsive telerik selenium SoapUI testcomplete

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