Machine Learning Development

Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. creates robust and smart solutions that are introduced with high-end Machine Learning that not only blend with your business methods but are self-aware of heightening operational efficiency, performance, effectiveness, productivity, and business growth.

Machine learning – schooling computers to identify and understand patterns in the identical approach as human brains arrange. It is studying from patterns and practice alternately from coded programming commands and applying that knowledge to clarify issues.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) – mentality and intellect performed by machines
A neural network – a combination of software and hardware simulating the operation of the human brain. It is designed layers of interconnected artificial neurons; each layer can be developed to prioritize models atop others, by their importance.
Deep learning – a system to shape neural networks to resolve obstacles that they were not programmed to answer.
Linear regression – a machine learning algorithm that is based on the extended connection between the input data variables and the single output variable. (not good enough)
Logistic regression – a machine learning algorithm for creating a binomial consequence with one or more descriptive variables.
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TFT's Expertise

At TFT, we understand that machine learning is not merely for consumer apps which is why we are encouraging our customers to apply this technology to mature intelligent enterprises. By automating methods and prioritizing regular decision making and driving process automation with advanced algorithms, we are exploring the approach for innovative business designs and services that can be employed for machine learning.
Eliminating the chance of human fault, machine learning explications are allowing us to move from the traditional rule-based means to more sensible ones which will allow the identification of distinct unstructured data sets, designs and patterns.
TFT accommodates imbue and ability in your business processes by dramatically increasing your productivity. Our specialist team will:
  • Investigate the ML demands and necessities of your business
  • Give experienced & skilled support to prepare the ML models
  • Mix and plan solutions about ML services

We have expertise in managing and optimizing some of the most high-performance neural system structures and engines similar to:

  • Tensorflow
  • Caffe2
  • Deeplearning4J

Machine learning methods can resolve a great variety of intricacies across various industries. At TFT, we provide to the subsequent platforms and Services including:

  • IBM Watson
  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure


Nowadays days, if you don’t possess artificial intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning(ML) serving for you, then you can consider that it is running against you. Why? Because your rivals are presumably using machine learning(the subcategory of Artificial Intelligence). So, you need to streamline your business to not only win the competition but stay in the competition. The future depends on Machine Learning, and if your firm is not on board, you might as well surrender.

Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can assist you to answer your numerous constraining business queries by leveraging the data your firm collects. We do this by machine learning development that necessitates into deliberation of most of your important business needs.AI development firms are in great interest now but can they be trusted? We have prime machine learning experts and consultants eager to assist you to transform your corporation to be alert for an ML-run society.

Why is ML earning attention?

Machine learning is the advanced passageway to digital transmutation, making our computing methods more efficient, cost-effective, and safe & secure. It is no longer the fantasy of science fiction writers, but real & genuine, a business-critical technology that will eventually give decision-making a considerably more data-driven affair.

Machine learning Applications:

  • Customer and client satisfaction
  • Reacting to market trends
  • Calculating risk
  • Remaining competitive
  • Personalized Health Monitoring
  • Online recommendations
  • Tracking price changes

Real World Application where ML is used:

  • OK Google, Siri, and Cortana
  • Facebook
  • Google Maps
  • Google Search
  • PayPal
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Lyst
  • Spotify