Maintenance & Support

Creating a product, marketing it and acquiring users is only the beginning of the journey for a successful product. One needs to be able to maintain the applications, continue correcting bugs, come up with new releases but most importantly be able to support the customers with their queries on your product. The customer can face a problem any time anywhere. Specially if your target geographies are varied across different time zones, you will need to be able to address customers questions and requests 24x7.

This is where TFT can step in and take care of all your worries of handling your customers and ensuring that all the customers' queries are answered professionally on time every time. TFT shall also provide you the Product Owner with
  • Analytics on what are the trending queries
  • What features are not usable
  • Which area is attracting maximum queries, and from which geography

TFT has trained customer support executives who
  • Will gain expertise on your product by following proper training modules
  • Would be ready to support your customers with their product knowledge round the clock
  • Would provide support through online chats, emails and also by remotely accessing the customer's machine and helping troubleshoot issues

Variety of tools like Zendesk is used to
  • Keep track of customer's emails
  • Keep a cache of pre-defined responses
  • Follow to-and-from conversation between the customer and the agent
  • Have analytics to show how effective the support is and lot of other metrics

Round the clock security, In-house infrastructure like access to high speed internet, landline and mobile phones and access to VOIP phones allow our team to ensure that we are able to connect to the customer instantly and over quality communication platform.