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Connectoo - Mobile App Development

Comprehensive end to end platform for teachers and parents, an advanced app that promotes easy communication between parents and kindergarten teachers, managing and monitoring everyday events.

About this project

The following features could be found in the application:-

  • Monitor attendance: Check in /check out /late arrival/ not arriving status. Parents are notified if their children does not arrive at usual time (for safety reasons).
  • Tag and sort pictures: Images are only sent to parents whose child appears in the image rather than posting pictures of children collectively through social networks.
  • Updates: Parents will receive reports about the current updates related to the ongoing events with their child for each day. These updates are diaper change, nap taken, food related, missing items that is to be sent next time, etc.
  • Bulletin board: Easily share text pictures and links with different classes so that parents will be able to review them with their children at home.
  • Calendar: Share activities, vacations, birthdays and more
  • Messages: Parents and teachers could chat with each other.
  • Contact person: List of contact persons per child.
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