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uChange - Mobile App Development

uChange connects two people close by who are holding opposite currencies and want to exchange the same amount of cash in person. No fees. Real rate.

About this project

  • A social app connecting travelers allowing them to trade currencies.
  • Exchange foreign currency with real people at your location.
  • Verified Users and Secure Transactions.
  • Ability to find people in local radius of upto n kilometers.
  • Good matching algorithm to get you the best rate.
  • Maintain personal history of exchange done.
  • Chat with potential match.
  • Ability to connect to other user via social networks.
  • Ability to block/report unwanted users.
  • Ability to rate user according to exchange experience.
  • Suitable configurable notifications to remind the user for various events.
  • Ability to Freeze the match for a particular exchange.
  • #Design
  • #Development
  • #Frontend
  • #Backend
  • #Android
  • #iOS
  • #MobileApp

Ability Freeze the match for a particular exchange

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