Out of total breaches reported in 2017- 30% involved attacks on web applications and 62% featured hacking to exploit vulnerabilities

Close to 50 percent of applications remain vulnerable every single day of the year
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Security Testing

We provide companies of all sizes with comprehensive security testing services. Our experienced professionals cover all aspects of security testing right- from defining test plan requirements, manual investigation for real time attack scenarios, common vulnerabilities to the in-depth analysis across the code level. At TFT, we provide you with skilled security testers; mobile experts to test your mobile application before a launch and the web API experts to test your web backend. We apply both static application software testing and dynamic application software testing in tandem to ensure the effectiveness of application security program.

Security Testing

Investigate all Security Vulnerabilities

We exercise robust threat exploitation to address all potential issues. New hacks and attacks are launched every day that exploit hidden weaknesses in new software. This means new vulnerabilities are being exposed and exploited faster, at a pace that many organizations simply cannot match. Our security testing practices go beyond traditional vulnerability scan which only detects patterns and signatures that match a predefined set of vulnerabilities. We take a hybrid approach including manual penetration tests along with automation to better understand critical business functions and thus help you in reducing overall business risk.

Our Security Testing Offerings

Security Threats and Vulnerabilities

Our security tests target weak authentication, insecure session management, hosting platforms and a few more:

Our Process

Profiling and Discovery: We study the application to understand user profiles, business case, functionality, site flow and the code base. Then we perform the profiling of the application wherein we understand the core security mechanisms employed by the application, locate different user entry points, interfaces and data flow path.
a) Automated Scan- Automated application vulnerability scanners (i.e. commercial and open-source) are used to scan for application specific vulnerabilities covering all OWASP, WASC and SANS references.

b) Manual Scan- Along with automated scan, we perform a simultaneous manual assessment to eliminate false positives and negatives. The Manual assessment uses various vulnerability databases to identify vulnerabilities that were missed during automated scans, in addition to security verification of business logic flaws, broken access controls and a few more.
Application Vulnerability Exploitation: The primary focus in this phase is on using manual security testing techniques to exploit the system that includes several exploits. Then we assess the application hardening measures, cryptography issues, authentication and authorization controls.
Reporting: All exploitable security vulnerabilities in the target application are recorded and reported to the client.
Remediation Consultation and Reassessment: Remediation consultation involves assisting the client’s platform team to remediate all reported application security vulnerabilities. Post-remediation, we conduct a reassessment to validate the effectiveness of the security control counter-measures taken to mitigate the reported vulnerabilities.

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