Whether you demand testing solutions or it's a custom web development solution, TFT is capable of undertaking it in the best manner. Bestowed with tools and advanced resources, we bring the most satisfactory solutions for your business goals.

TFT leverages its extensive experience in software development to deliver some of the most powerful and sophisticated technology products available today. Our staff of skilled and talented developers can efficiently and effectively create any type of custom application for Web, client/server, and desktop environments. These products are designed to meet the unique and specific business needs of each client by providing maximum functionality, flexibility, reliability, scalability, and ease of use.


Think Future Automation Generic System (TAGS) is a generic framework which provides a comprehensive end-to-end automation solution. The primary functional aspect of TAGS is its easy integration with Automation and Test Management Tools and support for a wide range of platforms and Web browsers. TAGS is specifically designed to support core Automation Tools such as Selenium, Test Complete, HP QTP and Test Management Tools like HP Quality Center, Microsoft Test Manager, and XStudio.


In its core, TAGS combines three major components:
  • Test Management tools (such as Quality Center, Microsoft Test Manager)
  • Test Automation Script (No programming, written QA testers in an spreadsheet)
  • Test Execution Engines (Such as Selenium Web-driver, Microsoft Coded UI)

Test Management Tool hosts Test Flows and also initiates Test Execution. TAGS engine acts as glue layer for Test Management Tool. Interaction between Test Management tools and TAGS is maintained using open API. The retrieved results and exceptions from Automation Tool are sent back to Test Management Tool for later viewing.

  • Easy integration with test management tools
  • Parallel test execution on multiple browsers
  • High Degree of Reusability
  • Performs Database Testing, Handles A/B testing and Web/ Mobile API testing
  • Integrates with test management tools- Quality Center, VS Test Manager 2010, xStudio
  • Reporting in xml, html format
  • Simple Object Repository and Backend Validations
  • Uses spreadsheets to define test flows
  • Execution on Cloud such as Saucelabs' Sauce ondemand


TestEveryWhere aims to help mobile application developers in the non-stop task of testing mobile applications over different devices. The process allows you to test mobile applications on real devices under real-world conditions. No matter where you are located, TestEveryWhere is available to you anytime, anywhere-in an instant. TestEveryWhere accelerates your time to market. In fact, with no hardware or software hosted on premise, you can be up, running quickly and easily in as little as a few days. Plus, it is easy to use and requires much no training like typical cloud solutions. The most advanced technologies and the strongest security are inbuilt. The result? An unprecedented level of innovation and collaboration within your space.

"TestEveryWhere lets your app rapidly deploy and reveal benefits that leads you to unmatched quality service, flexibility and business results"

Real world testing

Mobility needs to be tested thoroughly. We have real handsets available, whether you need UK orange or an animal from HTC, TestEveryWhere has a solution for you.

Speed to market

TestEveryWhere is available at the click of a button, this help you to test your app and can accelerate the testing by 80%!

Cut costs

After all, lower costs equal to greater profits for your business and TestEveryWhere ensures that you get the best bang for your buck.

Quality control

We will be able to give you a new set of eyes, anywhere in the world, on any handset, on any screen, on any network.

Toolbar Automation

In today's world of internet, search engines have become the most widely used tool for millions of users across the globe and Best Toolbars provides users a richer, more interactive experience. This is the reason why search providers have to get their tool bars thorougly tested before these go live. TFT has come up with a unique solution to automate toolbar testing and its search settings on all the browsers which saves the time and effort required for manual testing. ToolBar Test Automation Framework is the tool designed and developed using open source softwares. The Toolbar Automation Testing process involves:

  • Downloads the exe and installs tool bar on all the browsers(IE/FF/Chrome etc)
  • Toolbar installation is verified on all the browsers.
  • Search assets of each browser is verified ie.home page,search box and Address bar.
  • Search is performed using the Toolbar search engine
  • Verifies if Search Setting Change Notification is appearing/verifies if search settings are changed when any other toolbar is installed.

Toolbar Impact-Performance

Performance Testing Tool:

Although toolbars have many useful features, still common user's perception is as toolbar's slow down the browser speed leading to poor system performance.This is the reason why most of the toolbars are uninstalled by users resulting in huge revenue loss for the toolbar companies.

TFT has designed a testing tool to do an objective measurement of 'Impact of toolbars on systems performance'. This tool is designed to study the performance of the Addons (Toolbars & their combinations) with various browser version of IE,FF and CH on various Operating Systems (Win XP, win Vista, Win7-32bit, Win7-64bit) with different upload speed (2.5Mbps, 5Mbps) on several Geo's(India, Germany, USA, UK). as well as the study of their Memory Leakage.The benefits of using this tool lies in automation of the test case steps resulting in reduction of manual efforts and higher accuracy in the results. The following performance parameters are captured during the test:

  • Load Time(msec)
  • Total Memory(Mb)
  • MemoryPrivateWorkingSet(Mb)
  • CPU Usage(%)

TestScenario for Addon Performance:

The test case included capturing the performance parameters each time after certain defined browser actions like (Open Browser, New Tab, New Window , hit Urls etc.). The URL's included a heavy site which is updated daily, a heavy flash site, a search engine.

Test Scenario for Memory Leakage:

To check the memory used by the addon on the certain browser initially after the defined browser actions, then capturing the same parameter for same defined action after 24-hrs and then after 48 hrs to have an idea of the Memory usage for day1, day2 and so on and then comparing the memory usage day wise to see the memory leakage by the addon for that particular browser and OS.