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May 30th, 2022

Top Penetration Testing Tools That You Need To Know In 2022


Penetration testing software is crucial in diagnosing and correcting vulnerabilities in the institution’s applications and computing systems before a hacker exploits them. This is the process of finding security flaws in computer programs and assessing the possibility of a system being hacked using a variety of hostile methods. The system’s condition can easily be exploited if multiple users have access to it with fewer security precautions.

This test is designed to protect sensitive data against outsiders trying to gain unauthorized access to the system. It also helps to find flaws in the system that can’t be detected during manual analysis. Penetration testing is often added to a web application firewall (WAF).

Pen testing involves hacking into different application systems (e.g. APIs, frontend/backend servers) to detect weaknesses like un-sanitized HTML inputs susceptible to code injection attacks. Once a weakness has been found, it can be exploited to gain access to the targeted data. Web application penetration testing can be classified as ethical hacking, and the person who does it is called an ethical hacker.

Types Of Penetration Testing Services

  • White Box Testing

White box penetration testing means that the tester has access to all aspects of the network and system, including network mapping and credentials, which saves time. Money can then be spent on the problem and only what is necessary. White box penetration tests mimic a targeted attack by trying as many possible attack paths. A QA team is essential for every company to conduct a thorough examination using unique technologies and techniques.

  • Black Box Testing

Black box security penetration tests are conducted without the tester being provided with any knowledge. The tester must mimic the behavior of an attacker, from early access to execution and exploitation. This scenario is the most realistic, as it shows how an attacker without any internal knowledge would approach and penetrate a company. It also makes this the most costly option.

5 widely used tools for penetration testing services

Here are some of the most commonly used tools for penetration testing services

  1. Nmap

Network Mapper (Nmap) is a useful program that allows you to examine a cloud server. Nmap has a variety of scan types that provide wealth in knowledge. These scans can detect unique characteristics that can be used for identifying specific apps or operating systems.

Nmap, an open-source tool, is not just a tool for penetration testing as it also assists by highlighting which spots are most vulnerable, which aids ethical hackers in identifying weaknesses in networks. This makes it very useful for people who are familiar with open-source software. However, it can be confusing for others who are not.

2. Nessus

Nessus scanner is very popular due to its extensive collection of vulnerability signatures. Nessus scans the target system to identify security flaws and provide information about exploitation and mitigation. Four hundred fifty configuration templates and compliance templates are available to help with tasks like patch management and configuration audits. IT can identify vulnerabilities, risks and out-of-date patches by using these templates.

3. Burp Suite

Many protection testing professionals claim pen-testing is impossible without this tool. It is one of the key scanners that have a limited “intruder tool” for attacks.

This technology, although not free, is very efficient. This program can perform a variety of activities including transparent proxy, dragging functionality, and features, as well as web vulnerability scanning. You can also use the tool on Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

Burp Proxy can be used by a penetration tester to conduct a man-in-the-middle attack (MitM). This involves interfering with a browser and a website server. They can monitor and modify network traffic, which allows them to exploit flaws in web applications and data outages.

4. Wireshark

Wireshark is another tool that can be used to see what’s happening in your network and to analyze TCP/IP connection issues. It can be used to examine a wide range of protocols and provide authentic investigation and encryption support for many. It can also be used to record data packets. This will allow you to examine the various characteristics of each package, including their origin, purpose, and methodology. Wireshark is the best tool for pen-testing if you’re new!

5. SQL Map

SQLMap is an open-source penetration testing tool that automates and streamlines the process of finding, mitigating and controlling SQL injection flaws. sqlmap can detect and exploit SQL injection issues quickly and efficiently. It also supports command-line input, available on a wide range of systems, including Linux, Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.


This article provides a brief overview of some of the top penetration testing tools. However, it is not a comprehensive list. Except for Nessus, the majority of the penetration tools are free and easy to add to a penetration tester’s toolkit. These tools can be set up in Kali Linux and are easy to test. Open source Penetration Testing Tools offer many benefits, including the fact they are constantly being updated by subscribers and other cybersecurity specialists to keep them ahead of the threshold threat landscape.

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