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March 9th, 2022

9 Golang Frameworks That You Must Be Aware Of In 2022


Since its debut on the technology market, Golang (Google’s Go Programming Language) has proved to be a robust and popular option to write APIs and create web-based services. Most users are inclined to use Golang, one of the most popular programming languages, immediately following the launch.

After a series of surveys, nearly 90% of respondents decided to take on Golang in the next round of projects. In terms of distinctive capabilities and features, and as a superior choice, Golang has ranked the most powerful framework in all web-based programming languages. In addition to creating APIs, developers also utilize Goland frameworks to create a REST API. 

Here are 9 top Golang frameworks that you must be aware of in 2022:

1. Gin Gonic

Gin Gonic, regarded as a simple framework, has the essential features and libraries and is considered the best choice for those just beginning to learn about Golang. In addition, talking about the web framework of an established development company will give you the best of its knowledge and ease of work. It is easier to use in terms of monitoring or tracking issues or troubleshooting and is faster than most other platforms.

2. Gorilla

Gorilla, a web toolkit for the Go programming language, is a fantastic illustration of scalability via flexibility. Gorilla was designed to allow users to remove packages as well as tie in new extensions, allow modules, and much more but without compromising the fundamental functions of the framework. Because of this, Gorilla is adored by small and large scale companies because it’s the best model for flexible system scale and demonstrates the effectiveness and simplicity of an environment. The longest web framework perfectly caters to the internet/HTTP library’s reusable parts and elements.

3. Martini

Martini operates as a system instead of a framework which means it can be easily connected to third-party services and is light in all aspects. The web framework can also be flexible to expand the capabilities and handle a variety of tasks with minimal overhead during the process. Due to its scalability, it is designed to write Golang services and create compelling web-based applications.

4. Buffalo

Among the various Golang Frameworks used to support Web Development, Buffalo is an extremely useful framework to begin your project in a hurry. Furthermore, it serves as an integrated web development platform that is useful for a variety of projects.

5. Goji

Goji is a light and fast Golang Framework for Web Development thanks to its perfect combination of simplicity and writing capabilities. Because it is light and fast, Goji is the best choice for most mobile application development firms and companies working on various web-based projects.

6. Beego

In a few ways, we have found that Beego is similar to the comprehensive Django web framework that was designed for Python. It provides a unique set of functions and features that are typical of web-based applications. Furthermore, it is divided into eight different modules that can be eliminated or utilized depending on the need.

In addition to the broad-ranging MVC components that appear in the most popular web applications, the framework also contains the ORM (Object-Relationship Map) to allow access to information, tools for managing sessions as well as an in-built cache handler. Additionally, it comprises libraries that support joint operation as well as HTTP components, elements, and a variety of log systems.

Beego is yet another method that is indicative of Django with its various command-line tools. For example, a developer can utilize the bee command to create Beego applications from scratch or work with existing apps.

7. Mango

Mango framework helps you build and develop modules that are reusable for HTTP functionality as easily and quickly as possible. Additionally, it provides an array of software and middleware that can be combined into one HTTP server object that can be used to sustain your code in a self-directed manner.

It’s not being maintained regularly, but a lot of Golang users continue to use it. Its modularity is an amazing aspect of this framework for web development. You can pick different libraries to include diverse features in your web project.

8. Gocraft

Another solid yet old-fashioned framework is Gocraft which provides fast and flexible routing features. Routing is added as a feature by its HTTP and net program in The benchmark library. It’s a Go mux-based middleware application with casting and reflection capabilities, allowing you to write your application code statically.

In addition, you can build your own or add features using the existing middleware. Since programmers have the highest priority for the performance of their applications, Gocraft is a great choice for those who need to create their own. Additionally, it’s simple to write and create backend web applications using Gocraft framework.

9. Web.go

Web.go is very light at the top of the list, and falls in the category of Google’s most basic Golang web-based frameworks. It’s simple and is among the most popular Golang frameworks that provide additional features through the tree-routing system. In any scenario, you’re implementing or working on a project which requires routing, Web.go could be the right choice.

Final Thoughts

Each of these frameworks has an array of capabilities and functions that can be used on your next project. They are among the top google’s Go language frameworks that will help you go ahead with your web or mobile project for app development. Before you choose the one that is the best from the list, ensure you know the needs of the project first. You can also talk to our technical experts for more in-depth knowledge of their capabilities.

If you are looking to hire golang developers, or create something robust using the Go Web Frameworks, you can get in touch with TFT anytime to discuss the details of your project. Being one of the best Golang Development Company, TFT has a team of experts who are always available to assist you with the latest technology knowledge as well as the ability and talent.

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