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August 3rd, 2021

Benefits of Manual Testing Services – Why is it Still Relevant for Business?


Every day, hundreds of software apps are released in the market. But before they are released to the public, a lot of testing is done in order to make sure they are working perfectly as per the requirements. Automated testing is one testing method that can speed up the testing cycle and is often considered as an alternative to manual testing services. But manual testing still has a significant role in the QA process as it leverages techniques like logical reasoning and inferences to detect bugs usually missed out by automation testing.

Dedicating QA resources to only one of the approaches can lead to a poor quality product, as testers are more likely to miss out on many opportunities to improve the product. As a result, using both manual and automated testing services leads to a more stable and high-quality product.

Before diving into the core advantages, let’s try to understand how does manual testing work.

Manual Testing refers to the manual testing of software for defects and bugs and requires a tester who plays the role of an end-user and uses most of the application’s features to ensure the application is working properly. This type of testing is done to check whether the system works properly as per specified system requirements without any bugs or errors.

In the case of Manual Testing, test projects are executed manually by a tester without using any automated tools. Being one of the most primitive techniques of all testing types, Manual testing helps to identify critical bugs, issues, and defects in the software application. Although this testing process requires more effort it is essential to check automation feasibility.

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The key notion behind using manual testing for your software application is to make sure that the application is error-free and it is working in conformance to the specified functional requirements. Manual Testing Services are offered by IT companies to ensure smooth and effortless working on the Internet.

Manual Testing Service is a skilled job that requires the tester to be patient, open-minded, and creative. Since the end-users of any software application are mostly humans, hence manual testing is one vital part of user-friendly software development as the QA testers who are involved in the testing process are also humans. These testers need to think and act from an End User perspective in order to catch bugs, defects easily.

Here are some of the major benefits of manual testing services –

  1. Criticality & Creativity – Using manual and exploratory testing methods, testers can detect the most critical bugs as automation cannot beat intuition.
  1. Flexibility – Easily build up or build down manual testing components in your overall testing process as per the requirements of the project.
  1. Cost-effective – Save testing costs up to 70% and test coverage along with automated testing executed in managed services delivery model.
  1. Custom Feedback– The entire software tester’s report can be considered as feedback from a potential user.
  1. UI Feedback- The user interface plays a crucial role nowadays, so QA testers can fully test it manually.
  1. Fast process – Manual testing requires less time and expense and also allows the tester to perform Adhoc testing.
  1.  Accessibility – With the manual testing method, minor changes can be checked immediately without writing the code and executing it.
  1. Research testing is possible – This type of testing can be utilized to test the various capabilities of the application.
  1. User friendliness – With this type of testing, humans can observe, judge, and also provide intuitive insights.
  1. Easy to use & Intuitive – This type of testing doesn’t require any knowledge of any testing tool.

Final thoughts

As Automation testing becomes more prevalent in QA practices, manual testing may be outshadowed but it is still crucial to run the effective development process. At TFT, our team of skilled and experienced manual testers has a firm grounding in this testing methodology which enables them to track and catch the minutest of bugs. We detect severe defects and bugs by designing and passing atypical test cases drawing on our wide experience with testing products and solutions for different industries.

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