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August 10th, 2021

Importance of Quality Assurance for E-Commerce Companies


People have been buying and selling for centuries, but nowadays, business and trade have got a new twist, thanks to the internet, which we call e-commerce. With businesses moving online to sell their goods, the process of buying and selling has never been easier- you can now order food, clothes, electronics, groceries, and other necessities in one tap without any hassle. With more and more customers turning to e-commerce websites and applications for the ease of accessibility and range of products, the industry has become one of the most competitive and client-oriented industries in the world.

Why is E-commerce software testing important for your business?

These days, online customers have become more delicate, as they venture into eCommerce websites and applications for their shopping needs. They are looking for the best shopping experience that is easy, fast, and hassle-free.  As such, if they face any minor issue or error in the website or application, they are most likely to leave your application or website for any other alternatives. This is the reason why Quality Assurance is very crucial for e-commerce businesses.

Customers these days not only want e-commerce websites and applications to look shiny and attractive, but they also expect a user-friendly interface, minimal loading speed, and a navigable website. As such, companies looking to serve their customers as early as possible might ignore the testing of some blocks or some functionality to release the product in the market as soon as possible. Such haste may result in a poor website that may crash without any warning, which is a big no if you want your e-commerce business to become successful.

Let’s consider this Amazon incident which was a revelation for most of the e-Commerce website developers.

In the month of December of 2014, Amazon – the world’s biggest online marketplace, had to bear a huge loss due to a software glitch. On that day, due to the software glitch, every product on the website carried a 1 pound tag – from toys, video games, electronics to mattresses. Although this was probably a surprise Christmas gift for the customers, third-party sellers and retailers suffered a huge loss. Some even reported having a loss of over 20,000 pounds in a single night.

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What are the important components to test on an e-commerce website?

An e-commerce website has several components from pages, products to links. But some of the important components that require quality assurance are – home page, product display page, search button, payment gateway, login page, shopping cart.

What are the crucial components to test on an e-commerce application?

Similarly, in the case of e-commerce applications, there are several components and features mentioned below that need to be tested properly.

Login & Signup Forms – There should be a systematic collection and storage of data and forms should lead to corresponding pages.

Product Pages– Images, descriptions, prices, etc, should be accurately displayed.

Shopping Cart– There should be proper automation in the terms of price changes, vouchers, discounts, and much more when a particular product is added to the shopping cart.

Transaction Page– The payment process has to be deeply checked to ensure that there are no critical errors or bugs and all the costs are included like shipping, VAT, etc.

Integrations- It is also very crucial to keep a check on all the third-party integrations and make sure they work properly as per their requirements.

Databases- Another important sphere that requires quality assurance so as to make sure that the process of storing and delivering information in databases is carried out properly.

Moreover, as e-commerce is evolving more and more and becoming more multi-channel, it is very important to ensure that sites work smoothly across various channels, including mobile, desktop, tablets, TV, IoT, and other things.

Final Thoughts

The E-commerce industry is a globally acknowledged and billion-dollar market in the U.S which is expected to further grow by 17.9% this year to $933.30 billion.

As such, to manage such an ever-growing industry, quality assurance related to the technology offerings is a must. Quality assurance is a crucial component behind the success of e-commerce industries as it makes sure that the product provided matches the expectations of the customers.

These days, several companies have established a separate QA department to carry out all their software testing needs so as to detect and fix bugs and make way for outstanding success in the field of e-commerce. But, setting up an entirely new QA team and training them may not be a viable idea for every e-commerce business. As such, the most appropriate way is to outsource your testing needs to a software testing outsourcing company so that you can release your software or website without delay.

TFT has been dedicated in its efforts to help e-commerce companies by offering a range of offshore testing services that ensure your software or website is ready to go live on a million devices across the globe, glitch-free. At TFT, we focus on the functionality and quality of the product and we employ all our resources to improve the quality of the app by providing new quality enhancements.

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