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Hire Golang Developers to Build Performant Applications

Finding the most skilled tech specialists isn’t easy. But, with TFT, it is possible to create sophisticated network applications with greater performance and a more flexible framework for existing projects.

Consulting and strategy

Consulting and strategy are two key elements for businesses to succeed. The Golang consultants will analyze your idea to assist you make the best choices and overcome any obstacles.

Golang integration services

Easily integrate with a variety of back-end and front-end technologies such as ReactJS as well as Angular. Our Golang developers are also able to assist you in integrating with cloud architectures like Azure, AWS and Google Cloud to improve scaling.

AI development

Golang has been able to support great mobile and web apps, as well as has excellent capabilities to support AI development. We offer Golang development as well as AI programming to stay current with the latest trends.

Microservices development

Golang meets the criteria for extensibility of applications and is well-suited for multiprocessor systems as well as web applications. We can assist you in building microservices by using Golang to increase capacity, quality, and performance.

Support & Maintenance

Continuing to keep the Golang web and app solutions up to the mark is important. The Golang app should be updated regularly in line with the current developments. We offer maintenance and support services for Golang’s web and app.

Cloud app development

Golang is proven excellent for cloud performance. The Golang developers are committed to build and develop complex cloud-based applications. They can assist you to develop seamless versions of applications that run concurrently.

How to Hire Golang Developer from TFT (Hiring Process)

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  • Full Time

  • Hourly Pay

  • Outsourcing

  • Onsite

Industries Using Golang Technology



Frequently Asked Questions

No. While Golang is perfectly suited to various scenarios however, there are certain applications that do not require speed or performance, or can be more easily implemented using a different language, such as C, C# or Java and each of which has years of experience in.

Due to the manner in which Golang was developed, creating applications using Golang is highly productive and efficient. It produces safe software that is free of unexpected runtime issues. With a higher performance, Golang applications use far smaller resources on servers than other web development languages, such as PHP as well as Python. The development process using Golang will save you both money and time.

Golang is cross-platform and can be built applications on a range of operating systems. If you're running an operating system that is modern most likely, you'll be able to execute Golang applications.

Development using Golang will cost less at the beginning. Alongside the performance improvement, usually over 400 percent, Golang applications are quicker to build, simpler to maintain, and safer. They are also less likely to suffer from errors in the runtime.

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