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Hire React Native Developers to Build Performant Applications

Finding the most skilled tech specialists isn’t easy. But, with TFT, it is possible to create sophisticated network applications with greater performance and a more flexible framework for existing projects.

React Native Consulting

It’s true that React Native experts don’t write code straight from the start. First, it’s important to comprehend the concept and the requirements. We study all the details that clients provide in order to formulate a comprehensive plan on how to proceed so as to achieve business goals and deadlines.

React Native Development & Design

We are a group of skilled and focused designers who develop truly enjoyable products with a stunning user interface. At TFT, we make sure that each element of the design is beautiful, so as to offer an actual digital experience.

React Native Migration

Mobile app technology is similar to fashion trends: some are old-fashioned and the others are trendy. React Native has been tested and proven, making it definitely worth converting to. Why not make use of this framework to upgrade an existing application and give it the native appearance and feel?

MVP to support Mobile Startups

If you are looking to create MVP, React Native is the ideal choice. Why? Since the MVP is mostly about trying to test the unknowns. Instead of guessing what platforms users prefer, it’s best to accelerate the process of developing and simultaneously build apps for both Android and iOS applications.

Support & Maintenance

When you publish the app, it doesn’t mean that the need for care and supervision isn’t there any longer. To ensure that all bugs are addressed (apps do not come with bug-free software) and that the app properly functions, we offer post-launch support as well as maintenance.

Custom Mobile solutions

Template-based apps that offer no value This is definitely not what we intend to provide. Why? Because users don’t return to these products. Instead, we create highly customized cross-platform applications that address real pain points. The mature JS libraries assist us in achieving this.

How to Hire React Native Developers from TFT (Hiring Process)

  • Part-Time

  • Full Time

  • Hourly Pay

  • Outsourcing

  • Onsite

Industries Using React Native Technology



Frequently Asked Questions

The development of cross-platform applications has emerged as an ideal alternative to creation of only native mobile apps. It has the main advantage of reducing time and money. This is achieved through reuse of software and pre-built components.

A native app's coding typically results in higher costs, more time for release and, occasionally even inefficiency. React Native however allows for reducing development time and agility when creating an app in addition to speedy processing and a better user experience. It is therefore regarded to be one of the best alternatives for developers who wish to share the same code base for an online site and a mobile application for iOS as well as Android.

In discussing Facebook as a React Native creator, it isn't surprising to note that the largest social network has React Native components in its own products. The Ads Manager app is the first app developed by the company that is written using React Native. Beyond that, technology and business giants like Instagram (which is owned by Facebook also), Pinterest, Bloomberg, Uber Eats, Walmart, Tesla, Wix, and many more have adopted this framework to a different or less extent in the design of their apps.

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