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Hire Node.js Developers to build Performant applications

Finding the most skilled tech specialists isn’t easy. But, with TFT, it is possible to create sophisticated network applications with greater performance and a more flexible framework for existing projects.

Focused and Dedicated Node.js Developers

Employ developers who are knowledgeable in their area and are able to do their job. With our experts you’ll achieve the highest level in the game. Our dedicated developers work with all-out efficiency to address all the technical challenges and issues.

Node.js Migration Services

With the assistance of experts, you can move your applications from an older version to a more modern version Node.js. Additionally, you can make use of these web-based applications using the latest features and reusability.

Custom Web Application Development with Node.js

Employ Node.js developers and programmers who can help you with easy software deployment for your Node.js web development projects and support your business activities.

Enterprise Node.js Web Apps

Build reliable web applications right with the help of professional Node.js developers and programmers, that are scalable, flexible, secure and simple to use to suit any company – large or small.

Support & Maintenance

Get help and support 24/7 from our reliable Node.js development team, who is aware of your needs and assists to maintain your software by providing expert advice and solutions.

Node.js Application Development Company

With our customer-centric approach, our developers also ensure the customers’ satisfaction by developing web applications on cross-platforms and with Node.js.

How to Hire Node.js Developers from TFT (Hiring Process)

  • Part-Time

  • Full Time

  • Hourly Pay

  • Outsourcing

  • Onsite

Industries Using Node.js Technology



Frequently Asked Questions

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The general rule when using Node.js is to build real-time applications that can generate an enormous amount of I/O processes, which can be described as applications that are expecting an enormous traffic load.

Since Node.js is a huge collection of modules available in NPM, developers can create prototypes and create MVPs quickly. Scalability and performance of Node.js is an advantage, should the app needs to be scaled or expanded down in the future.

It is true that you can create both mobile and desktop applications using Node.js. But it is because of its JavaScript running-time platform, and not the Node character as it's a standard server tool. Utilizing frameworks like Electron that allow you to borrow elements of the Web app's code to build desktop versions of the application on top of that base. This allows developers to create native desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and requires no extensive knowledge regarding Objective-C as well as C#.

A plethora of globally renowned brands have already integrated Node.js in their technology stacks and are praising the technology due to its performance and less footprint for developers. Here's a list of the major companies who have placed their faith in Node:

  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Slack
  • eBay
  • Coursera
  • Asana
  • Uber
  • Netflix
  • Medium
  • Trello
  • InVisionApp
  • Fitbit

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