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Our Android Application Developers’ Expertise

Every Android app developer provided at Think Future Technologies comes with certain expertise and skillset. Here is a list of services our team can offer you:

Custom Android App Development

Due to the great number of apps in the market, every Android app developer nowadays looks to develop apps customized as per their needs.

Wearable Applications

Not every Android development company is working on wearable apps, but this is a significant theme of the future since wearable devices have fast been catching up and becoming prevalent.

AR/ VR Mobile Apps

Android app developers have gradually begun to build additional expertise in AR and VR since this technology is considered to be a major theme of the future.

Blockchain Mobile Apps

Every Android development company looks to develop a blockchain app due to the growing use of this technology for financial purposes. You may hire an Android app developer from us to build such an app for you.

Dedicated Android Developers

Every Android app developer provided by us is capable of working dedicatedly toward one project for any length of time.

AI/Machine Learning Apps

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are major buzzwords of today’s era and are used by all companies for recommendations and advertising, and top Android development services generally prefer to use these on mobile as well.

Android App Integration

The integration of Android apps with back-end applications is a banal but important task since it ensures the efficient working of any app, and our best Android developers can also work on projects related to the same.

Android App Porting

Applications made on other frameworks regularly require porting to Android, and you may hire an Android developer from us to carry out the task seamlessly.

Android App Consultation

Our best Android developers are experts in the field, and we offer professional Android app consultation services to make your future app as great as it can possibly be.

Support/ knowledge of cross-platform

Our Android App coders provide cross-platform frameworks ( React Native and Flutter) support/knowledge.

Why Should You Use Android?

86% of smartphone users across the globe use Android, making it the highest used mobile operating system. But why should Android application development companies hire Android app developers for this specifically? Here are some reasons

  1. Android is primarily an open-source operating system, and the coding knowledge required to develop applications in Android is available openly. Hence, the development activity itself is free
  2. Customization in Android, if you choose to hire an Android app developer, is extremely easy and free of any hassles or obstacles.
  3. It is very easy for an Android app developer to get an app approved for listing in the Google Play Store as long as it does not explicitly violate policies.
  4. Apps made for Android can also be easily listed or made available in third-party marketplaces or even be downloaded directly.
  5. Android is a regularly operating system that focuses on an enhanced user experience with every version, and hence, your app will as well.
  6. Should you choose to hire Android app developers, you will find that Android apps’ scalability is immense.
  7. The process of Android app development ensures that the user experience is covered by multiple layers of security, both online and offline.
  8. The deployment time of Android-based applications is much faster in comparison with almost any other mobile base operating system.
  9. The best Android developers will also enable you to obtain a significant return on the investment you make in developing the Android application.
  10. Android application development companies can generally target multiple platforms by building apps just in the Android Framework.

Industries Using Android Development Technology



Frequently Asked Questions

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You should hire dedicated Android app developers due to the efficiency of Android as an operating system, as well as the user base that it provides.


You can hire Android app developers by contacting Think Future Technologies, where we assign to you the most experienced Android app developers in your domain.

Our developers are adept at all the different versions of Android, as well as the different devices that they are used on. 

Android is the highest used operating system across the world, and the technology required to use it is free and open source.

PhoneGap, NativeScript, Xamarin, React native and Flutter are some good Android development frameworks.

Android Studio is the most popular tool used for Android app development.

The best company for Android app development will provide you with flexibility, expertise, and great value for money.

Android applications provide a much better user experience and speed as compared to other operating systems.

We have programmers adept at both of these languages, who will work as per the requirement of the project.

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