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Why Manual Testing ?

When an application that you are about to release isn’t tested for all possible scenarios, it may produce undesired results, bad user experience and finally the lost opportunity! Your target customers will switch to alternatives which are just a tap away. TFT provides you with testing services carried out by Manual Testers who ensure compliance of your application against its specified functional requirements. These testers try to mimic a prospective user of the application thereby uncovering functional, usability, localization and accessibility bugs.

TFT Impact

Our Manual Testers have experience of working dedicatedly with 500+ mobile and web applications across multiple releases and tested them on multiple browsers and devices. Thinking from a users' perspective, being alert to the responsiveness (or lack of it), being attentive to the device's eccentricities are some of the hallmarks of testers at TFT.

Our Testers become your trusted gate keepers that ensure that the software that is out of gate, provides awesome experience to your users.

Range of Manual Testing Services Offered

Acceptance Testing

Functional trials are performed on products before it is put on market or delivered. Our Acceptance testing process identify problems & defects which still can be corrected relatively painlessly.

Black box Testing

Analyzing client's requirements, specifications and high-level design strategies & running an algorithm of valid and invalid input code execution conditions and checking for valid output responses.

White box Testing

Running a code with pre-selected input values for validation of pre-selected output values, which enables with test case re-usability & deliver high stability

Integrated Testing

Testing units of code or software components in an iterative manner to detect interface defects

System Testing

Evaluating the compliance of the entire system with respect to the specified requirements

Unit Testing

A comprehensive testing procedure, individually applied to the smallest parts of a software program for evaluating the fitness or to check the desired operation

Test case Creation Activity

A set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether a system under test satisfies requirements or works correctly

Compatibility Testing

Testing a software’s compatibility with the computing environment and its elements, such as operating systems, browsers, hardware, mobile devices, databases, computer peripherals, and other system applications.

Multiplatform Testing

Evaluating that an Application works well in more than one specific digital habitat

Cross-browser Testing

A quality assurance technique for web applications across multiple browsers

W3C/ HIG Compliance Testing

A kind of testing which use multiple systems to perform Stress Testing, verifying the stability and reliability of the system

Software Product Testing

A process of measuring the properties or performance of a product

The Approach That We Follow to Ensure That Your Software is Secure and Error Free

1. Gathering Detailed Requirement

The first thing we do in our Software testing process is ensure that we gathered all the necessary information that would be needed how the software is operating and how the users are interacting with it.

2. Preparing the Test Plan

After we have identified all the issues that are there in the software and have estimated what all can go wrong going forward, we prepare a test plan detailing the strategies that we are going to follow in the process of solving them.

3. Detail Test Case

At this stage we solve the issues that strike up in the software testing process and find methodologies that would ensure that they never occur again.

4. Producing the Test Report

Once we have solved the issue and have ensured that it does not appear again, we create a detail report containing all there is to record about the incident.

Our Team of Manual Testers Are Out to Make the Software Domain Secure, No Matter What Industry it is Operating In

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