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Our Range of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Services


We help create conversational bots that make your brand a 24*7 business which is always open to attend to its customers’ needs.

Deep Learning

We teach your application what comes naturally to humans: learn by example. Using the technology, we help power up your application to think like humans after making errors.

Predictive Analytics

Our team of analytics help develop algorithms that are able to predict a number of things about your customers and your application.

Classification Tools

Before you enter the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is first very important to understand the different ways you can classify them. We help you identify the different AI paradigms.

Sales Intelligence

We help you close more deals and achieve perfection in your client re-engagement process by incorporating sales intelligence in your every day process.

Video, Image, and Text Analytics

We hold an expertise in developing applications and software which gathers and analyzes text, images, and videos, to give you the desired outcome.

Natural Language Generation and Processing

This is the area which is involved with establishing human to machine and machine to human interaction. An area that requires the skill set of AI engineers who understand how to gather data and convert it for machine’s understanding.

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

It is the AI domain that is involved with representing information in a way that makes it possible for computers to solve complex tasks like detecting medical conditions. And team TFT is an expert of this domain.

Decision Management

Companies usually base their crucial and everyday decisions on the data which is available in the management information. We combine Combining AI and decision management systems to take the whole process of decision making to an entirely new level.

Computer Vision

We automate the tasks which the human visual systems can do. We develop applications that gather high level data from videos and digital images.

Tools/Frameworks used for AI Development

ibm_Watson Keras TensorFlow Microsoft_Azure Pytorch DMTK DL4J H2O Apache_Spark Mahout

How can TFT help you with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning?

Nowadays, if you don’t possess Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) serving for you, then you can consider that it is running against you. Why? Because your rivals are presumably using Machine Learning (the subcategory of Artificial Intelligence). So, you need to streamline your business to not only win the competition but stay in the competition. The future depends on Machine Learning, and if your firm is not on board, you might as well surrender.

Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. can assist you to answer your numerous constraining business queries by leveraging the data your firm collects. We do this by Machine Learning Development that necessitates into deliberation of most of your important business needs. AI development firms are in great interest now but can they be trusted? We have prime Machine Learning experts and consultants eager to assist you to transform your corporation to be alert for an AI-run society.

TFT Advantage

Customer and client satisfaction
Reacting to market trends
Calculating risk
Remaining competitive
Online recommendations
Tracking price changes

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