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Range of Software Testing Services Offered by TFT

Our Software Testing Services are Designed to Give You the Confidence to
Launch Your Offering on a Million Devices, Worry-Free. TFT’s extensive software testing services, including software testing outsourcing, aimed at ensuring your software products are top-notch. Our expert team covers everything from functional testing to security assessments, guaranteeing quality and reliability.




A kind of testing that use multiple systems to perform Stress Testing, verifying the stability and reliability of the system.

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Carry out Software Testing in a more cost and time-efficient manner.

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Making sure that your product can be easily used by people with disabilities.

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Get an assurance that your product is ready and fixed for a specific release.

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Ensuring your products are of high quality in your target market area, validating it functionally and culturally as per need.

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Remove the Performance Bottlenecks and understand the Scalability of your Application.

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Get an assurance that your information system protects the data rightly, eventually maintaining the functionality as intended.

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Mobile App


An important & useful method, ensuring that your application is fixed before it is rolled out.

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Understanding and identifying the user issues and improve the app design accordingly.

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The Process That We Follow to Deliver You a Product That Your Users Can Trust

1. Agile Testing

We add software testing in our Agile development approach. This way, we don’t wait for a version to get ready before we test its features, we get to it from straight at the development stage.
The approach has single-handedly cut down our whole mobile app testing time by 3X.

2. User Testing

Once we have one software version ready, we give the solution to a make-believe user pool, who then use it in different ways.  At TFT, We believe that user testing is, in fact, a very important part of the process – for it is this stage that can give you an exact insight into how users would interact with your application.

3. Manual Testing

After we receive the details of the different glitches that are now found after user testing, we initiate our Manual Testing process. Here, we manually check the software to find out what other bugs are there and how can they affect the software as a whole.

4. Automated Testing

When it comes to testing software for perfection, we can never be too sure. After we test your software manually, we run it through several automated tools and platforms to ensure that it is good to go from both Machine’s and Human’s end. For Automated Testing, we make use of the best in class technology set that is known to find out problems at its core.

5. Post-Launch Testing

After we have ensured that the software is good for the world to use, security and functionality-wise, we deploy it on the store or/and on the web. Then, we wait to see how it is behaving, how users are interacting with the software, what are their experiences, etc. Keeping a close eye on the software once it has launched in the market helps us take action at the right time.

We Work Around the Best Tools and Platforms to Give you an Offering that can be Trusted for Life.

Industries Using Software Testing Technology



Why Choose TFT for Your Software Testing Needs?

What makes us the leading Software Testing Agency of the world is our dedicated focus and mere zeal to ensure that no software leaves our factory unchecked. Our team of software testers carries detailed expertise in a whole range of Testing tools and platforms, which they use to check every line of the code – even if they are millions of them.
Invest in us to see how Software is made secure for a lifetime.

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