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Automation Testing Services provides varied and significant value to our customers

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Increase in Business ROI

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Superior Product Quality

Range of Automation Testing Services Offered

Our service ensures that your releases – Mobile, Web, and desktop apps – are 100% in pristine condition


Automated System Testing

A kind of testing that use multiple systems to perform Stress Testing, verifying the stability and reliability of the system


Functional Testing

Ensuring that the product is actually aligned to the specifications by just Automating the testing of the overall functionality of the Application


Regression Testing

Verifying that the overall Functionality of an Application has not been impacted by the change in the code


Load Testing

A kind of testing that use multiple systems to perform Stress Testing, verifying the stability and reliability of the system


Keyword-Driven Testing

A technique separating the programming work from the actual test steps so that the test steps can be developed earlier. This can often be maintained with only minor updates, even when the application or testing needs to change significantly. The keyword-driven testing methodology just divides test creation into two stages: Planning Stage, Implementation Stage


Web Testing

An automated testing approach wherein checking the Application for potential bugs before making it live


Distributed Testing

A kind of testing that use multiple systems to perform Stress Testing, verifying the stability and reliability of the system


Data-Driven Testing

A methodology wherein the performing the same functionality with multiple input values, using parameterization with the help of data table or data source


Object-Driven Testing

Ensures and manages complex tests that contain a lot of script routines and testing data


Coverage Testing

Ensuring that the test plan created is covering the application code

The Process That We Follow to Ensure Your Software is Tested for Proper Functionality

1. Test Strategy

Our Automation Testing Team identifies the objectives and goals of automation on the basis of the clients’ requirements.

2. Test Development

After getting a complete understanding of the project, Our Automation Testers will go on to develop test data and automated tests

3. Test Execution

This is the stage where the actual execution of the Automated Testing Process starts.

4. Defect Management

This is the stage where our team of Automated Software Testers carry out the whole bug tracking and
fixing process.

5. Test Automation & Maintenance

In this stage, our testing team updates the test as per the changes in UI and functionality of the software.

6. Documentation

The Last Part of our Automation Testing Process revolves around training and documentation

Our Automation Engineers have experience in a wide range of Automation tools to ensure that the appropriate needs are met quickly and competently


Why Choose TFT for Your Software Testing Needs?

40+ Skilled Testing Experts

TFT’s QA team is made of 40 testing experts who together come with a cumulative experience of 250+ years in which they have individually worked on a number of test cases and scenarios.

In-Depth Technical Knowledge

Deep technical understanding enables us to gain a comprehensive insight into software complexities and proactively implement measures to prevent them and ensure the delivery of a high-quality product.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services

We offer an array of services like Automation, Manual testing, and more. We rely on industry-standard tools like Selenium, Cypress, Appium, and others to ensure exceptional quality while delivering top-tier services.

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