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Our Range of Localization Testing Services

Our team of software testers specializes in offering a whole range of different localization testing services

Linguistic Testing

We help you attain error-free language and impeccable content for the local version of your software. Our services ensure that your users get a unique experience and the software is acceptable among all localities.

Website Localization

Our localization testers validate that your websites are linguistically and culturally appropriate and have the right elements related to keyboard usage, time and date, etc.

Translation Testing

We work with a team of linguistic experts to ensure you receive hassle-free translations and along with the guarantee of translation’s accuracy.

Document Localization

We help eliminate offensive texts, colors, symbols, political leanings, etc ensuring that the content is culturally compatible with your target audience.

Cosmetic Testing

Through the process, we ensure that your localized GUI is completely free of misalignment, truncation, and multiple layout issues. Our team holds complete responsibility for fixing the cosmetic bugs and hotkey testing.

The Elements of Our Localization Testing Services

  1. Compliance of the application with native (localized) environments (Windows, MS Office, etc.)
  2. Compliance of the application with GUI guidelines
  3. Compatibility with different regional standards (e.g., date/time, time zone and currency format, postal codes, telephone numbers, paper format, etc.)
  4. Regulatory compliance
  5. Help files and documentation

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