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Range of Blockchain Development Services Offered by TFT

The range of Blockchain development services that we offer are designed around your present and future needs of Decentralization. We are not one of those companies who would leave you in your journey to enter and then rule the disruptive world. We are the team of Blockchain developers who would stand by your side and support you as you become your industry’s leaders.



Having developed over 20+ dProjects, our team of Blockchain developers and designers are now prepared to answer all your questions related to the Blockchain domain. And not just that. We are also here to guide you to transform your traditional application into a decentralized application.



Getting a Proof of Concept in traditional application is difficult and when we talk about Blockchain powered application, it becomes a lot more complex. But, we are here to guide you in the wise journey of first creating your application in a POC or MVP mode before the final launch.


Contract Development

We have worked with over 10 businesses coming from more than 5 different industries to switch their traditional contracts into ones that cannot be altered. Our team of smart contracts developers use the best of tools – Solidity and Ethereum – to base your contracts on. Making them highly secure and scalable on the way.


Wallet Development

With more and more crypto currencies now entering the transaction space, it has become almost a mandate demand to have crypto wallets to support the storage and transactions. Our team of Blockchain app developers are skilled in the development of wallets that not just store your crypto currencies but also give you the ease to pass money from your account to another.


Exchange Development

In our role as the trusted Blockchain App Development Agency, we understand that the real advantage of Crypto currencies lies in exchanging them and transacting in them. With this understanding, we have helped close over 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange projects in across USA and UK.


Design and Launch

We are the experts who are paced with the knowledge and the tools to design, develop, and launch your ICO – all with the aim to get you the attention of the investors that your Blockchain powered idea rightfully deserves. Our team of ICO experts in India and USA, have detailed understanding of what is required in the Whitepaper, the Tokenization of your Cryptocurrency, Development of Coins, and Marketing of the Cryptocoin in the ICO platforms.



Our team of Blockchain app developers are known to offer the whole comprehensive range of dApp Development service – straight from the Ideation phase to Design, Development and Launch to then Maintenance. We have what it takes to make you the next CryptoKitties or Telegram.

How TFT Works

The Blockchain Development Process That we Follow to Hand-Hold You Through the Twists and Turns of the Disruptive Blockchain Domain.

1. Requirement Gathering

It all starts with us gathering information into how the application would function – the facilities it would provide, problem that it would solve, etc.

2. Architecture & Design

Upon gathering the basic requirements and purpose of the dApp, we go on to looking into the designing of architecture. We draw the first POC at this stage.

3. dApp Development

Once the POC is validated by the core team of stakeholders, we go on to the creation of MVP – where we make your dApp ready for deployment.

4. Solution Testing

We then test every code and node of your Blockchain architecture to ensure that it is 100% hack-proof and is impossible to breach.

5. Deployment of the Application

Once our team of Blockchain app developers have ensured that the app is now ready to ease the life of millions, we deploy it on the cloud first and then in the store, after one final round of testing.

6. Application Maintenance

Till much after your dApp is launched in the market, we keep a close eye on how it is performing and have our team working at making it better and crossing out all chances of the app’s misbehaving.

Industries Using Blockchain Development Technology

What started out to be a support for the Finance domain, Blockchain development has come far to become a crucial part of the success story of a number of businesses across a number of different industries.

On-Demand Solutions
Education & eLearning

Key Benefits of Using Blockchain Technology

We have engineered a whole range of Blockchain development services to offer you innumerable decentralized benefits. Benefits that go on to make you the leaders of the Blockchain domain in your industry.


By powering your traditional application with the rays of Blockchain, we give you a solution that is immutable and impossible to hack. This level of security that the technology offers is bound to take your service offering to another level while keeping your users secure.


We follow the Blockchain technology to its core and give you an offering that is out in the open to multiple stakeholders, making it impossible for anyone to change it without others in the ecosystem noticing it. Along with the advantage of transparency, we also give you the benefit of traceability – something that makes it possible to look at the transaction from the state of its origination.


We take in the best platforms and the overall tech stack that the Blockchain industry has to offer and give you a solution that can be scaled to grow alongside your business. We offer services that can be incorporated into your process, making it shift with your requirements.


We help bring all your devices together and place them in one ecosystem where they interact around your offering in a secure mode. We give you the ease to take out and place one device with the other – all while ensuring that the architecture is intact.

Speedy Efficiency

We design your application to work in the lowest throughput time, making all the transactions in real-time. Our team of Blockchain app developers help you engineer your application in a way that the processing time is almost always instantaneous, no matter how many nodes are attached.

Blockchain Platform We are Working With

bigchainDB-logo.png chain-core crda credits domus-tower-blockchain elements-blockchain-platform Eris-db ethereum HydraChain hyperledger-iroha hyperledger-sawtooth-lake multichain openchain-logo Quorum stellar-logo symbiont

Why Choose TFT for Blockchain Development Services

We have extensive experience in hand-holding our clients toward success, no matter what technology they are powered on. This same zeal is what ripples down to our Blockchain offerings as well. We offer services that stay with you long after the project has finished.

Our team of Blockchain developers are there to help you guide through the nitty-gritty, no matter what time zone you are in and in what we belong. We are there to help you understand and then rule the disruptive domain called Blockchain development.

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