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Some Of Our Key Telemedicine Software Development Solutions

Dedicated Angular Developers

Telemedicine (mHealth) Applications

Available as a Web and Mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms.

Platform Migration & Re-Engineering Services

Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Solution

Allows your patients to consult you virtually on a safe and encrypted HIPAA/GDPR compliant platform to ensure data safety.

Enterprise Angular Web Apps

Exclusive Video Conferencing Platforms

It is an exclusive platform for patients who need a consultation with doctors. The app has various features like screen sharing, file transfer, and many more.

Group Conferencing Telemedicine Solution

Group Conferencing Telemedicine Solution

Consult with your doctor in a group with screen sharing, secure file transfer, recording consultations, and a lot more.


Virtual OPD Platform Development

With virtual OPD platforms and waiting rooms, the patients’ call routing feature is done as per appointments and prioritized accordingly.

Medical Data Sharing

Medical Data Sharing

Safe transfer of patient files and data to their doctor. We ensure the patient’s privacy with a secure transfer of their medical history and other records.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, TFT has TeleDocto/(name of the app TFT uses) that is a Telemedicine solution in the form of an app. This app has many useful features like messaging, online appointment scheduling, integrating prescriptions and bills, screen sharing, and monitoring patients remotely. All these features are customized for the patients to make their consultation easier.


To build a doctor on-demand telemedicine app, you have to take a look at a lot of aspects like:

  • Is it going for both Android and iOS?
  • Is it functional for web browsers?
  • What will be the layout and design of the app?

After deciding on the fundamental questions, your company can hire an app developer or an app development company to build the telemedicine app. On average, a healthcare app development company charges a hefty amount, which may vary according to your app preferences.

The total cost would be around $25,000 to $70,000. The cost of the app can go higher if you are targeting customized features for your patients.

Yes, TFT is pleased to give a live demo of the telemedicine app and software created. Over the years, we have added many features to our software to enhance patients’ experience and make sure they won't face any major issues while using our software.

You can take a look at our readymade product on our official website, which is supported in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browsers. You can also access the test version in the form of a mobile app, which is available for  both Android and iOS platforms.

After the app is developed, our technical team keeps a regular check on the app for any bugs or flaws. Our team is available 24*7 for app maintenance services and run qualitative analysis periodically to ensure all the patient records are secure and all the features are functioning correctly.

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