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Our offerings in terms of Performance Testing as a Service

Load Testing

Performance Testers takes the responsibility on testing and checking the system on how it behaves on variable loads.

Stress Testing

Through this approach from Performance Testers, they provide right reports wherein determining the stability and robustness of the system.

Volume Testing

Determine the number of users that the system can accommodate.

Scalability Testing

Measuring the capability of the system in terms of scalability as more and more load is applied.

Code Review and Optimization

A systematic examination of source code, getting it approved at multiple levels.

Importance of having a Performance Tester

A Performance Tester adds value by –
  1. Recording/Automating each module and running the flow for concurrent users according to future expected load.
  2. Documenting which request is taking more time and concurrency errors, if any.
  3. Analyzing possible cause of slowness and errors - for instance whether it is related to source code, database query, front end and/or environment.
  4. Examining whether the current system resources like CPU Cores, RAM, disk space are sufficient for current as well as future expected load.
  5. Finding the Breaking point of the application server with reason(s) of failure.
  6. Checking your server, database configuration for optimization.
  7. Running the g performance tests again after the code changes to make sure the shortcomings are all addressed.

Tools for carrying out an efficient Performance Testing

ApacheJmeter Appdynamics Blazemeter Dynatrace Gatling Loadrunner Neoload Newrelic

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