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August 17th, 2021

Test Automation and Why It Is the Future


A programming mindset is essential to manage various test automation tools. But, not all your testers are programmers. Coding takes years of practice to master, and training your QA team can drain your resources. Moreover, most of the testers find themselves spending time writing code rather than running tests. This is where automated testing comes into the scene.

Test Automation impacts software testing just like no-code or low-code development platforms change the landscape for the QA process & application development. Test Automation solutions take care of the coding burden for organizations that cannot allocate programming resources or maintain the heavy maintenance of test scripts. As such, with Automation Testing services, your team can focus on running tests overwriting test scripts. Let’s dive into test automation, how it works, and it is future.

So, What Is Test Automation?

Automation testing services enable QA testers to create testing scripts without writing code. Testers interact with the application through a user interface to define and refine test steps and help execute those tests.

According to a recent survey out of a pool of 2000 digital experts, it was found that 53% of organizations have strategic plans to purchase a test automation tool in the future. Out of those who plan to buy a test automated solution, the most significant purchase drivers were to mature test automation faster and improve test coverage.

How Automation Testing Services Work

Automation tools run similarly to most apps we interact with daily: drag & drop, action recorder, button selection, etc. Various tools offer varied functionalities that can be customized as per requirements. To make automation successful for your product testing cycle, it is essential to carefully select the right tool per your testing needs & requirements.

Nowadays, most of the automation tools come with an interactive UI to make the entire interface easy for QA testers. These tools are equipped with machine learning and analytics frameworks and enabled with self-healing that detects and modifies elements on the go. These apps’ record & play feature is self-reliant, giving this testing method the edge over legacy automation tools.

Scripting to Automation

Creating a test environment and writing testing scripts for large projects or those having a fast release cycle can take a considerable amount of time and resources. This in turn results in a lot of time wasted in writing scripts. Test Automation is the solution. This type of testing helps create automation tests by leveraging existing scripts to deliver automation in a controlled framework without writing any code.

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This testing method has been rapidly evolving with other innovations of technology focusing on minimizing the testing time and making it more user-friendly. The goal is to make test automation easy to use, and less time-consuming for test engineers. Automated Testing tools are designed to create automated test cases after inspecting user behavior from user clicks to navigation through the application by translating that user behavior explained in natural language into test scripts.

Need for Automation Testing Services

Traditional software testing tools take a lot of time to create automated test scripts. The visual flow of automation tools makes automation easy to implement and allows test engineers to avoid complex codes and start automating cases without wasting time. Furthermore, this type of testing enables testers to capitalize on seamless testing opportunities instead of running time-consuming manual tests. It also reduces the need for code-based debugging and makes test maintenance easier and accessible.

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The Future of Automation Testing Services

Even though the need for automation coders is not going away for the coming few years, automation is a perfect tool for automation testers to fast-track their work that is here to stay, grow, and evolve. With the evolution of AI and Machine learning technologies, Automation is likely to evolve enough to eliminate the need for test script coding allowing testing instructions to be put through the system in an entirely codeless bundle.

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