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August 24th, 2021

9 Automation Testing Frameworks You Need to Know in 2021


As we all know, there are two types of testing in QA – manual testing and automatic testing. Manual testing works at the ground level and is suitable for small projects, whereas automated testing is primarily used for complex projects. Before we dive straight into the top 9 automation frameworks of 2021, let’s talk briefly about automation testing services.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is a type of software where the test is fully automated, i.e., it is run by a computer. Automation Testing Services involve testing activities that require little or no human interaction. This type of testing is performed to speed up complex projects that would otherwise take too much time and prove tedious in manual testing. Such automation testing services can help cut down the release time of the product to the market, save money on a long-term basis and ensure high-quality results.

Test automation provides an overview of the program and shows memory content, file contents, data tables, and internal system conditions. This feature helps the QA testers to identify bugs and errors quickly.

Here Are the Top-rated Automation Testing Frameworks That You Need to Check in 2021 –


Selenium, an open-source web UI test tool, is widely used all around the globe. It was created by Jason Huggins in 2004. Selenium can be used with various browsers, platforms, and language editing software. It is timely and delivers accurate results. Selenium can also be integrated with several other frameworks to provide source code integration.


LambdaTest, a cloud-based browser test tool, allows us to automate testing web applications and applications on other devices. LambdaTest allows us to perform cross-browser tests. Configured integration tools allow you to debug real-time issues on desktops as well as mobile browsers. LambdaTest allows you to test your website in multiple browsers and different versions.


Katalon is a powerful tool for web testing, mobile app automation. It provides a consistent solution that allows testers to work faster and more efficiently while also providing the most latest software during the automated testing process.


Appium is an automated framework for testing web, basic, and integrated applications. Appium supports dynamic testing on iOS, Android, or Android and iOS simultaneously. This tool was previously limited to Android and IOS applications. Appium recently announced that it now supports desktop application testing through Windows. Appium has developed a very practical framework for mobile app testing.


Two systems are required to operate the Eggplant software. One system contains a control system that reads the text. The eggPlant tool allows testers and developers to create, edit and automate tests on different mobile platforms.


Automated testing requires application testing. It is also driven by the need to have a reliable, reliable, and fast tool that integrates seamlessly with integrated skill sets. TestProject is a platform that has been recognized as being one of the most flexible and varied platforms available to help you find the best user experience.

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Ranorex Studio, a robust, well-designed tool, is ideal for testing mobile, standalone, and web applications. It’s easy to use, so even people who don’t know how to code can do tests. It supports various browsers as well as mobile apps. It allows you to quickly fix any tool errors and the problem within the app.

Test Studio

Test Studio is an easy-to-use tool to load Web APIs and test WPF desktops. No matter how much you know the code, or whether you use the automated power provided by Test Studio code to ensure that your app is high quality and produces the best results, Test Studio will help you achieve this. Test Studio empowers everyone, from junior engineers to senior product managers and QA guides, with team-wide automation solutions.

IBM Intelligent Testers:

Rational Functional Tester automates the testing of programmed operations, GUI, retrieval, GUI, and data-driven testing. It allows users to create actions that are similar to actions or experiments that make sense. This is used primarily by software quality assurance groups to perform automated retrieval testing.

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