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March 2nd, 2021

Advantages of Outsourcing your Software Testing


Technological trends like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Smart devices, SaaS, Cloud, and intelligent systems will likely unveil themselves a little more in 2021 and are sure to stay trending and relevant for years to come. These technological systems are having a profound impact on businesses, given companies are becoming increasingly dependent on software for all kinds of tasks. Before we dive deep into the advantages of this paradigm shift, let us understand what QA outsourcing means.

What is Quality Assurance Outsourcing?

Quality Assurance is a testing process used by the organization to verify a system to identify bugs at the early stages to deliver the best products or services possible. Outsourcing your QA means the task of software testing is given to an external independent company that specializes in this sphere.

Companies are opting for outsourcing their QA in order to bring their software products quickly into operation by reducing the time required to test a standard release. Software testing is done by using test automation or a matrix to assess the optimal test coverage in order to improve the software quality of the organization.

Moreover, QA outsourcing companies have a dedicated team of software testing engineers that are specialized in performing various tests and in using manual or automated tools to identify errors, gaps, or missing requirements in the product.

Why Is There a Need to Outsource Your Software Testing?

According to the World Quality Report of 2018-19, the top QA priority is end-user satisfaction. This has become possible due to the emerging rise of customer-focused digital transformation initiatives and the changing uses of technology by businesses. The landscape of software testing has further evolved over the years due to the increasing adoption of cloud, DevOps & agile in emerging tech. Thus, software testing has become essential for companies to achieve better business outcomes.

In today’s digital era, outsourced QA testing has grown to be multi-dimensional as it works with a multi-channel sales approach. It requires skilled resources, good infrastructure, brilliant strategy, and experienced QA testers to bring out the best results in this approach. Thus, opting for outsourcing software testing services can be very beneficial for a company in terms of a financial and technical perspective. Most organizations prefer to transfer their testing projects to Software Testing Outsourcing Companies to use the saved time and resources for product development and delivery.

What Are the Advantages of Outsourcing Your Software Testing?

  1. Efficiency

QA outsourcing companies have a range of trained and professional QA engineers who have the core knowledge and training of various types of software testing. They are trained to provide end-to-end testing services. They are also unbiased in their software testing as they are primarily hired to detect bugs. They ensure the software regression testing has everything they need to deliver according to exactly what you need.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

QA outsourcing costs much less than developing a lab environment in-house with a dedicated team of QA professionals. It allows the organization to avoid investing in both hardware and resources. You can save a lot not having to invest in the training and resource development of the company in terms of testing.

  1. Cuts products’ time to market.

QA outsourcing teams can run multiple tests at once and identify any possible bugs in your system, which can help improve your software quality and make a faster release of your products. Software testing outsourcing companies tend to give quick, optimized, and quality results that can help your company improve your software and make a faster release.

  1. Focus on core business areas

Outsourcing your QA also helps your company save a lot of strategic planning and management time. It enables your company to free its resources which it can later focus on other areas. This adds more value to the organization, and the internal teams can better focus on their core business areas.

Bottom line –

Most companies nowadays want to bypass testing and launch their product as soon as possible due to the shrinking product delivery timelines. But, it is essential to note that a number of products are being launched regularly, and if yours is not a quality product, then it becomes very difficult for your product to gain traction and survive in the market. This is why companies must focus on quality assurance before releasing their software in the market.

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