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March 28th, 2019

7 Effective Ways AI Can Improve WordPress Websites


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are impacting all aspects of human life. The immensely popular web development platform is not untouched by this technological innovation. There are numerous ways in which AI can improve WordPress interfaces and help website owners generate better results. A lot of people convert PSD to WordPress or shift formats to get an interface with rich features. The open-source platform provides its users with a variety of helpful features that can be used to attract more visitors. Its effectiveness has been enhanced by some AI-based tools which ease the process of website management. In this article, we are discussing how this technology can help WordPress website owners improve their interfaces.

1. Improve The SEO Capability Of A Website

The biggest impact that artificial intelligence makes is in improving the SEO of an interface. There are plugins that analyze the website content to give improvement suggestions. These tools use openly accessible knowledge graphs to self-organize an interface’s content. They allow subscribers to create their own graphs so that Google crawlers understand the content in a better manner. Using these tools enables website owners to create more contextually appropriate material that will be popular among visitors.

2. Show Relevant Related Content To Boost Engagement

A good way to boost user engagement is to give relevant reading suggestions to visitors. This encourages people to spend more time on interfaces and keeps the bounce rate in check. WordPress users can install plugins that will enable them to provide better post suggestions. These tools use machine learning technologies to understand what kind of content a user is interested in. They then scan the interface’s database to find relevant related material and recommend them to the visitor. This sort of personalized service also improves the overall user experience of the interface.

3. Automatically Add Suitable Alt Text To Images

Website owners add images to enhance the visual appeal of their interfaces. They must add Alt text with each picture so that search engines easily understand its nature. The Alt text needs to be descriptive and optimized with relevant keywords. This will help the image to appear in relevant image searches. However, the process to add the text can be cumbersome especially for people who post numerous pictures regularly. There are various AI-powered tools which scan an image to generate descriptive, meaningful sentences. The entire process of adding a text description can be automated with the help of such solutions.

4. Provide Automated Chat Service To Visitors

Live chat is a helpful feature that allows businesses to instantly connect with visitors. However, many live chat solutions are a set of predefined responses to common queries. WordPress users can take AI’s help to provide effective chat services to their clients. There are various tools powered by this technological innovation that can be used for this purpose. These solutions use machine learning techniques to analyze the most asked questions. This data is then used by the tools to predict questions and answer them accurately.  This is one of the best ways in which AI can improve WordPress websites and help businesses provide improved customer service.

5. Accurately Perceive Audience’s Emotional Reaction To Content

Everyone knows that publishing useful and interesting content is the surest way of attracting good traffic. Most website owners, over a period of time, get an idea of the kind of material their target audience likes. However, it is pretty difficult to assess a written matter will be perceived by a majority of the visitors. Artificial Intelligence provides a solution to this problem also. There is a plugin called Watsonfinds based on path-breaking technology. This tool scans text material and predicts the emotion that readers of the content would feel. This allows website owners to gauge how a post would perform after publishing.

6. Curate Better And More Appropriate Content

Website owners cannot solely rely on their own unique content to meet their objectives. They also need to curate relevant content from third-party sources. This helps them in serving in-depth and varied information to their audience and boosts their engagement. However, finding high-quality and readable material can be a time-consuming task. This issue can be resolved with plugins that can be programmed to do the job. Such tools use machine learning to understand users’ unique preferences and search content accordingly.  

7. Smart Detection Of Dangerous Malware In Websites

There are a number of security plugins that help to protect websites from brute force attacks and malware. Website owners can get even more enhanced security is they use tools that use artificial intelligence. These tools use a self-learning mechanism to update their malware database as well as the methodologies to tackle the threats. It will be sensible to use such plugins as they provide better protection than the usual security solutions.


These are some of the ways in which AI can improve WordPress websites. People must use tools based on this innovative technology to enhance the user experience of their interfaces and improve their visibility.

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