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August 31st, 2020

Future of Customer Experience: A Virtual Customer Success Roadmap for Your Organization


Customers are considered to be king. And with time, they have become more demanding. With the growing technology, they have become smarter and now expect better customer service than ever before.This latest fad is not limited to only customer service but also encompasses support services. It is essential for the tech-savvy companies to adopt such technological advancement which can get rid of customer service. This is where the progress made in video conferencing, real-time messaging, chatbots, and artificial intelligence (AI) has paved the way for big changes in the customer experience.

Tips to Create a Virtual Customer Success Roadmap Using AI, Video Conferencing and Real-time Messaging

AIStart using video conferencing to stay connected with your clients and employees

How many times have we dozed off in an audio call just because there was minimal or no surveillance? There is always a tendency to get caught multi-tasking. However, once a video call is turned on, everyone gets alert.

This is where AI comes into the picture. You can set up conference rooms especially for carrying out virtual meetings with your esteemed clientele and employees. This way, you will get their due attention.

Send them an agenda beforehand

Thanks to modern technology, we now can inform the clients and employees beforehand what we are going to discuss in the virtual meetings. It also gives them an opportunity to be better prepared for discussion during the online conference.

Lobby back the time you save while conducting online meetings by procuring more clients

There are times when you need to conduct several meetings in a day. Here, with the help of a virtual tool, you can save your time by discussing things over a video call, real-time messaging, and video conferencing which can be spent on having a healthy discussion with your esteemed clientele.

Find out ways to connect with your clients digitally, in a “tech-touch” model, and then use that outreach to drive virtual meetings.

Show empathy on the call

There needs to be compassion when you call your prospective clients. Ask them about the current global situation and if they need any help. Then follow through which is a crucial step for creating a virtual customer success roadmap.

In case they are using a different video technology than you prefer, comply with them. Proactively tell them if they are working from home that you understand there may be noises in the background. Be open to such situations.

If you really wish to delight them, finish the video call five minutes before the scheduled time.

Get your team on the same page about the customers

In this digital world where everything is possible through virtual tools, there is no way to go with hallway conversations or watercooler talk. Instead, it is better if we write them down. Keep the notes in a single place.

Keep the employees well informed about the client’s goals and success plans. Everyone needs to know the next step in the customer success roadmap at all times. It is time to divide the tasks as one person can achieve only so much.

This is all about tips to create a virtual customer success roadmap for your organization. Now, the real question is how will these technologies affect the future of customer service? Let’s find that out.

Future Predictions on Customer Service

  • Face-to-face video communication will become the norm shortly. We will see more and more companies using virtual meetings to stay in touch with their employees across the globe. This way, the world will become a small place where an online conference room will be key to establishing contact with your employees and valued customers.
  • Real-time messaging will become a hot commodity among customers. It will assist in resolving instant queries of customers. AI chatbots and sharing of important documents and communications with your customers during the online meetings will become essential. Email communication will co-exist with these new technologies to enhance customer experiences.
  • AI Bots will play a supportive role to the customer support executives. It will be a game-changer for customer support, where reps spend close to 90% of their time on the job repeating the answers to the same questions and helping customers with the same issues over and over again.
  • The customer service decisions that will be taken by the companies will become more data-driven. There will be an influx of valuable data that will circulate throughout the customer service departments. The information will be collected through recorded customer interactions which can prove useful in overlooked customer needs or roadblocks. The next step for the customer support & success teams will be to enhance the customer experience using these data.

AI has become an essential tool nowadays for customer service. In the near future, we will see an increase in the demand for AI in customer service. This will help customer service to emerge as a winner in the battle.

Now that we have discussed the future predictions on customer service, let’s divert our attention to reasons why it is imperative to utilize Artificial intelligence for better customer service experience.

Why Should You Adopt Virtual & AI tools for better customer success rate?

The growing popularity of virtual customer assistants

Gartner estimates that by 2020, at least 25% of customer service operations will be using virtual customer assistants like chatbots. Businesses will see a major impact in the form of accelerated responses to customer queries, saving time in attending to customer service calls, and drastic productivity enhancements in providing customer service.

Contextually precise assistance

IBM estimates that chatbots can cut down resolution times from 38 hours to under 5.4 minutes for tier q inquiries. Customer service agents offering live customer support will be able to bank on the intelligence of chatbots to provide contextually precise assistance.

This is where a platform with AI-powered chatbots can come into the picture and engage, support, or even onboard customers. The amazing thing is, with the help of instant communication provided by chatbots in conjunction with multi-channel support (website, mobile apps, and others) will assist in strengthening your customer engagement strategies.

Conduct sentiment analysis

Virtual and AI tools will also come in handy to conduct sentiment analysis on the collected feedback to measure customer engagement. So, how does AI help you in this endeavour? You will be surprised to know this: Chatbots and conversational interfaces assist in collecting feedback from customers and performing sentiment analysis to calculate customer engagement.

So, what exactly is sentiment analysis?

Definition of sentiment analysis

It is an automated process that utilizes artificial intelligence to scrutinize text to induce the feelings of the text. For example, if you notice negative words in the feedback it could mean that the customer is upset over something. On the other hand, cheerful words indicate that he/she is happy with your business.

Did you know that only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain? This startling statistic showcases the fact that businesses need to collect customer feedback so that it becomes easier to provide better customer experience.

How are Different Sectors Leveraging the Use of Chatbots?

Augmented and virtual reality are being employed as an integral part of the customer experience. Here are some key pointers of how different sectors are leveraging the use of virtual assistants like chatbots practically in their businesses.

  • In the retail sector, customers wish to immediately track their purchases, which is done effectively by Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. These companies invest heavily in CRM to sell relationships instead of selling products. Today, customers are looking for a solution-oriented environment instead of a sales environment, which is done quite beautifully with the help of

  • When it comes to social media customer experience, customers need quick resolutions to their problems 24×7. Since a human being cannot be available for an entire day, chatbots can come to rescue and resolve general queries of the customers. This ensures that only the most difficult queries get to be answered by a human being.
  • Technology has time and again proven that customers are looking for convenience. Amazon is more convenient than any of its competitors, and it disrupted them. This is a revolution in itself!
  • In the healthcare industry, earlier the total concentration was put on healthcare providers, the doctors. Today, there has been a paradigm shift wherein patients are being put at the top of the concentration. Chatbots have, in fact, saved lots of money in hospitals and clinics. For example, Your.MD is a chatbot that is employed by clinicians and patients. The amazing thing about this AI tool is it learns common symptoms of the patients and provides recommendations based on relevant resources on the internet.
  • Chatbots have changed the dynamics of the education system including personalized education, assisting people to learn new languages, assessment by professors, essay scoring, and acquaint students with school culture and for administrative formalities.
  • In the airline industry, travel bots are being deployed to inform passengers, for ticketing purposes, facilitate the check-in process, provide flight alternatives, and make other travel arrangements.
  • These are some of the practical uses of chatbots in different industries. In the last section, we will divert our attention to the way real-time audio and video communication is changing the business dynamics.

Let’s get started.

How Real-Time Audio & Video Communication is Changing Business Dynamics Globally?

There is hardly any surprise to see audio & video communication becoming widely popular amongst businesses across the globe. Whether you are business executives, individuals, or groups, you might have indulged in real-time audio and video communication through virtual meetings.

Let’s now see how it is changing the business dynamics globally.

  • Audio & video calls are ideal for conferences whether it is for training, business, or enjoyment. Managers can provide essential information to their subordinates by sharing their screen during the online meetings. It is even possible to collaborate your projects through Google docs and sheets to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Teachers can impart online education to students across the globe. They can also clear all the doubts of the students by taking their questions and answering them on the spot.
  • Business people can conduct interviews through video calls. This can save time and money spent on visiting the office.
  • It gives the option to the employees to work from home and take advantage of video conferencing tools wherever they need any help from their superiors.
  • In legal cases, there are times when witnesses are not willing to testify. During such situations, a video conferencing tool can come in very handy. The judge can have a video call with the witness during the hearing which would ensure that the witness does not have to risk their lives to testify for the case in question. A win-win situation for all, isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

The face of customer service is evolving as we write. It is therefore very important for businesses to keep themselves informed and ensure that they take into account the changing dynamics of customer behavior while devising a strategy to excel in their business.

After all, until and unless you can think one step ahead of the customers, you will not win the war at hand. Always remember, everyone can win small battles but the one who has the acumen to win the war emerges victorious in the end! And by war, we mean decoding the right customer experience strategy before it’s too late

Author bio:

Vishal Soni is a digital marketing professional who works at Viewup. He specializes in growth marketing, product marketing, and SEO. He believes that the internet is more than a means of sharing great ideas. In his free time, he loves to read tech & marketing topics. You can connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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