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April 13th, 2020

How AI Chatbots Can Help Brands Survive COVID-19 Shutdowns


COVID-19 is thoroughly disrupting the economy. Many businesses are now facing shortages, cutbacks and even closures in the face of the virus. But by making a few adjustments, brands can survive this recession.

Now that employee availability is dwindling, businesses can turn to automation to stay above water. One of the most versatile and useful automation tools for companies amid COVID-19 is AI chatbots. These autonomous communication machines offer businesses several key advantages during the crisis.

1.Providing 24/7 Customer Support

With people staying home, companies have had to scale back, losing millions of employees. The unemployment rate is close to ten times higher than the height of the 2008 recession. AI chatbots can fill in for employees by offering customer support, allowing businesses to maintain this vital service.

Even if brands can still afford regular staff, they may not be able to stay open as long. But chatbots can work around the clock, answering customers’ questions even when a business is closed. That way, brands save money while customers get the help they need, which provides a way for businesses to capitalize on just one of many excellent chatbot ideas.

2. Streamlining Service

Without their regular staff, some companies are struggling to offer the same levels of service. Businesses like restaurants and cafes may now have to adapt to carry-out service. Brands can handle these obstacles with effective chatbot uses.

AI-based messenger services can handle orders while employees work to fulfill them. Chatbots can take orders, ask clarifying questions and update customers about wait times or pickup procedures. With these processes automated, businesses can work on other duties, offering competitive service with less staff.

3. Working Through Social Distance

Social distancing regulations keep many business owners away from their employees or customers. This distance makes traditional communication difficult, so companies may need remote messaging services to maintain contact. When staff can’t be physically present to talk to consumers, chatbots offer a solution.

Face-to-face client communication isn’t always possible amid the outbreak, but chatbots can work whenever and wherever. Some AI chatbot services allow companies to program-specific flowchart behavior like alert systems. With these features, business owners can focus on other tasks and only need to take over communication when necessary.

4. Maintaining Customer Engagement

Brands with an engaging social media presence can see customers spend up to 40% more money. During cutbacks, some companies may have lost their social media specialists, but AI chatbots can fill these shoes. These services already work on messaging platforms, but they can also foster interaction with consumers on social media.

With so many people staying home, social media presence is all the more critical now. AI chatbots can engage users on brand pages at any time of day for any amount of time. This engagement can increase current sales as well as retain loyal customers through the pandemic.

5. Addressing Customer Concerns

The coronavirus outbreak has created uncertain times for everyone. Consumers want peace of mind and some semblance of reliability amid this challenging period. Business owners may not have the time or opportunity to address these concerns, but chatbots do.

While companies work to figure out their strategy in the coming months, chatbots can handle worried customers. They can provide them with relevant information about the business at any time of day. This arrangement allows employees to focus on their work and settles consumer worries at the same time.

AI Enables Financial Security

Nearly 80% of brands say they have or are planning to incorporate AI into their customer service. This trend couldn’t come at a better time, with staff shortages and concerned customers appearing nationwide. Companies that haven’t adopted AI chatbots yet would be wise to do so soon.

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak will undoubtedly cause a widespread recession. But with help from tools like chatbots, businesses of all sizes can withstand it.

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