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June 25th, 2019

5 Ways AI Is Changing Marketing Trends


Artificial intelligence or AI is changing the way the entire world works. With the age of technology and instant service becoming commonplace, AI has risen enough to meet the demand the public craves. Whether in manufacturing, troubleshooting or advertising, AI is usually at the helm of the operation.

AI has also taken a strong stance in the world of marketing. Professional marketers have to work as quickly as possible, moving faster than trends and keeping ahead of consumer demands.

To keep ahead of the curve, they utilize AI and all sorts of technological developments to get things done. AI can help in a lot of ways, and we’ve listed five of the big ones here. Still, the only limits to what AI can do is in the limits of our imagination.

1. Consumes and Understands Data

These days, data is the primary resource for knowledge that has remained basically untapped forever. Now that everyone’s information is online in some way, shape or form, that data can be used to help companies market new products and ideas to their target audience.

However, there’s more data out there than humans can piece together, making AI integral in the dissection of data.

AI can find patterns in anything, giving it the ability to organize tons of information at incredible speeds, much faster than if a person did the job. The VP of offering management at IBM Watson Marketing, Mark Simpson said, “AI has the capacity to create richer, more personalized digital experiences for consumers, and meet customers’ increasingly high brand expectations.”

2. Helps Customers Shop

AI can now do more than just recognize data. Technology from companies like Pinterest, Amazon, and Google now uses AI to help customers interact with the real world. When you take a picture of a product with a phone camera, the AI can recognize the item and try to find out how you can buy it online.

This recognition software is part of machine learning, which allows the customer to interact on a physical and digital level. This technology is still sort of new, so already having it in your arsenal allows you to reach more customers. This also goes well with SEO advertising, ensuring your product and not your competitor’s will be the first one shown to the customer.

3. Social Media

The best advertising is word of mouth. Once something catches on in the world of social media, there’s very little that can stop the gossip. What you want is to have a positive buzz about your company, not the other way around. Social media can make a huge difference in sales, and there’s AI out there that can regulate even this.

Social media campaigns can be predicted and regulated with AI. You can use AI to find out when people typically use social media sites to help gain views when you immediately post something. By 2023, it’s predicted that the social media market will grow by 28.3 percent, so the business is lucrative enough to garner much-needed attention.

Keeping track of how the social media campaign functions can even keep a sinking business floating.

4. Uses Patterns to Make Guesses

An AI uses the information about what a person searches for most often and advertises specifically to them. When done right, the advertisement will appear as soon as the customer needs to see it and vanish when they no longer want the product.

AI can make this happen by being attentive to the customer’s data and search history, knowing if they already bought a product or are looking to buy.

5. Bidding

Bidding on advertisement space can be a difficult, time-consuming job for employees, but an effortless job for AI. The whole process mimics a numbers game, which AI excels in.

While the AI goes off on a successful bidding spree, the human employees can focus on the tougher challenges that come with marketing, like specifications on their target demographic and what ads they want to show.

Keeping Up With Change

Everything changes but the field of marketing change rapidly. With an AI on your side, keeping up with the pace is possible but not always easy. Without an AI, though, you’ll quickly fall behind whether you represent a huge business or a small one. So while an AI won’t fix everything by itself, you’ll find trouble if you choose not to utilize one.

The rest is up to you and your knowledge of what the target audience wants and needs. An AI is supposed to make the job easier, and you’ll find that type of help in spades.

Everything else comes down to you, the marketer, and constantly keeping up with the needs of your customer base. Sounds easy enough, right?

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