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October 19th, 2020

How Artificial Intelligence Can Change Web Development And Design


Every industry in 2020 is putting lots of money in R&D to utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence in their business. Some companies can manifest the usage of AI and make it an integral part of their product development cycle. More than 75% of the companies say being able to embed AI in their business model helped them collaborate with new business ventures.

Irrespective of how many employees a company has, every CEO is trying to make the company’s website more interactive. The business needs to ensure the effectiveness of their websites. But how can AI help in the development process and make websites more interactive? Let’s find out. 

The Concept Of Artificial Intelligence In Website Development

When it comes to web development, AI exhibits immense potential, allowing computer programs to handle several tasks without any human intervention. Cost reduction and time-saving are the two main advantages of using AI in your business

Being one of the fastest evolving fields, web development creates an incredible challenge for businesses to stay relevant. In 2020, more and more web development companies are focused on creating a better-involving user experience. With AI, a small team company can provide a personalized interactive user experience and exceed customer’s expectations.

In time we are seeing AI to be emerging as the best option for custom web development services. Given below are some methods which can help you harness the AI in your web development business and use it for your advantage. 

Automating The Information Gathering Process

AI can help test the interface and back end data storage all by itself with just little input from the users. The algorithms that are being used by AI will analyze past data and predict the crucial parts of web testing. With AI, a company can perform cognitive computing analysis which makes the machine the ability to mimic how the brain works. 

On the other hand, with the help of AI, you don’t need to hire an individual to gather the necessary information from customers and enable the acquisition of information. For a website to be user friendly and easy to navigate is a game-changer. It could be the difference between a user staying on your site for a long duration to leaving it in just a few seconds. With Artificial Intelligence, developers are relying on AI for the best UI experience. It helps in revolutionizing navigation and improves user experience.

Chatbots and Voice Search For Better Customer Support

According to aggregate reports from E-commerce websites by 2022, voice search based shopping will be bringing in more than $40 billion from sales. As a result, 18% of the total business will be done through voice assistant by 2022. In the last 6 months, 60% of smartphone users have already had their first conversation with the voice assistant. 

All these numbers clearly show how crucial it is for the web developers to add voice search-ability on their website. It helps common smartphone users, but differently-abled people will also be able to navigate easily with voice search. AI backs the voice search development for acknowledging the user command. Without AI voice search would still be a stochastic process.

Enhances The Web Analytics Data

A lot of times, companies are spending thousands of dollars on Google Adwords but not able to get good leads which they can convert. Now instead of hiring professionals for this task, businesses could use Artificial Intelligence to increase their web analytics accuracy, and get a high amount of in-depth data for a website. 

You can hook AI API with your Google Analytics account, and the algorithms will start processing the data. These APIs were able to run over 16 million combinations which can help in identifying the pattern of negligence on your website. 

Personal Store Experience 

One of the major success stories of any E-commerce platform is connected to product-upselling or cross-selling, which results in 35% of the total revenue E-commerce websites make. One of the great examples is Amazon’s product recommendation technology, and it was developed primarily using AI. Apart from using AI for product recommendations, companies can use self-replying chatbots that rely on AI to provide answers to customer queries

In fact, from a case study done by Ubisend in 2019 reported 1 in every 5 customers are happy to shop for goods and services from a chatbot. On the other hand, 40% of the total online shoppers are trying to get their hands on special offers and shopping deals from chatbots.  

In addition to this, AI can change the whole interface of the E-commerce platform according to the search history of the user. Thus, providing a user with the custom recommendation and products on the home screen when he visits the website. 

Improves The Website Interface 

Chatbots, voice search, custom user experience have now become a staple for developing a website. In theory, all these AI tools are used to close the gap between the new type of interface which is more focused on conservation instead of clicking on things over the screen.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, AI has successfully put itself in the recommendation list of various clients who want their website to be the best. As a result, we are seeing more and more website development companies are opting for AI to power smart website development.

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