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November 27th, 2023

How Salesforce Testing Automation Enhances CRM Efficiency and Reliability


Did you know? Approximately 84% of Salesforce teams partially depend on manual testing to enhance the efficiency and reliability of their CRM system. 

Take a look at some facts here:

Salesforce is acclaimed as the robust CRM solution suitable for all scales of businesses. The Salesforce quality assurance experts acknowledge the capabilities of this CRM for providing ready-made solutions. Many companies with different shapes and sizes still opt for the traditional testing methods, viz., manual testing or script-based solutions. Consequently, the team needs help managing the time to test changes, ultimately suffering in release quality.

But, associating with Salesforce testing automation can be a game changer here. A company can speed up the Salesforce process and stand tall in the advanced technological market facing cut-throat competition. 

Let’s see how. 

As a prime CRM platform, Salesforce empowers companies to interact with customers efficiently, enhance sales processes, and broaden business activities. Hence, Salesforce testing automation has great significance in improving CRM efficiency and reliability along with the flawless performance of applications.  

Keen to learn how Salesforce CRM gets efficiency and reliability via automation testing? 

Take a look here:

Strengthening Reliability and Efficiency via Salesforce Testing Automation

Let’s delve into the given bullets to know the benefits of Salesforce Testing Automation: 

  • Boost Test Coverage: Making changes in cloud-based applications is the quintessential process that every business should conduct to ensure comprehensive test coverage. Moreover, the execution of enormous test cases would be done by exploring the user scenarios, including validation of edge cases. While doing it via data-driven test automation in Salesforce, it becomes seamless in-app compatibility and consistent performance. 
  • Intensify Productivity: Switching from manual testing to Salesforce testing automation can mitigate time consumption and accelerate the testing process, resulting in cost-effectiveness and higher efficiency.  
  • Automated Report Generation: The automation in Salesforce fosters automatic report generation, mentioning the achievements and failures of every test. The overall testing process is streamlined in these reports, saving the QA tester precious time. 
  • Exemplary Test Cases: While executing the manual tasks in Salesforce CRM, the chances of human error are normal. On the contrary, the Salesforce automated tests rescind repetitive testing tasks, amplifying the Salesforce application performance, enhancing the tests’ accuracy, and permitting the QA teams to focus on the risk analysis and exploratory testing process. 
  • Resource Optimization: Automated testing in Salesforce leverages the resources for keen detection in the QA process. It has a consistent approach to minimizing the tasks and issues, leveraging flawless testing.  

Classification of Salesforce Test Automation  

Salesforce automation testing is classified into 3 different testing methods:

  • Unit Testing: It scrutinizes individual code components, such as triggers and classes, to verify flawless operations. Around 75% of unit testing is conducted to detect errors and bugs. It is mandatory by Salesforce to have unit test coverage to ascertain whether each component fulfills its assigned work, excluding any disruption to the entire system.  
  • Integration Testing: It comes after the unit testing and aims to assess the hassle-free incorporation of multiple units. To ensure seamless functionality, we deeply test the collaboration and interactions among these units.
  • Functional Testing: It evaluates the Salesforce CRM system and its functionality. During this testing process, the association with the integration testing is helpful in the early recognition of app bugs. 

The classification of Salesforce test automation and its benefits has made the CRM efficient and staunching, followed by cost-effectiveness. For the best process, it can incorporate test automation tools such as Provar, Node JS, and JavaScript. In parallel, its exclusive integration with Git and JIRA ensures the convenient storage of relevant data testing, entailing the results of the test cases and bug reports.  


Salesforce Test Automation can be indispensably beneficial in achieving higher ROI and other business benefits, enabling the testers to shift from error-prone manual testing to automated rewarding tasks. It serves as the golden key to excellence with high efficiency as it trims manual labor and stands tall as the vigilant sentinel, ensuring that every feature performs up to the mark. Businesses juggling to ramp up the speed and reliability of their Salesforce creations can get the Salesforce test automation services from a renowned company. 

TFT, an impeccable Salesforce test automation service provider, can provide you with the best Salesforce Quality Assurance staff and deliver top-notch results via its diligence and in-depth experience. Our team can provide flawless test automation services that will meet your expectations. 

So, get ready to begin the journey to Salesforce excellence with us!

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