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September 27th, 2019

How VR Development Sector is Ruling the Year 2019?


Remember the time when we used to see videos or any moving object on just TV screens? Well, gone are those days now. When the term ‘virtual reality’ was used back two years ago, it sounded somewhat like a distant dream, but fast-forwarding to 2019, virtual reality is all over the place. The VR development sector has really boosted for the year 2019 and is making progress with leaps and bounds. Virtual reality headsets have become so common that you can find them in any retail or online store, very conveniently.

Virtual reality headsets allow you to watch videos or play games right in front of you. The video or graphics can be much like any LED TV, however, you can’t compare the price of a VR Gear with LED TV price because for very obvious reasons, its poles apart.

It would be wrong to say that Virtual Reality has completely evolved because it is still transforming and with each passing year something new is added to the technology. One might say that there can be more virtual reality in the coming days than it is right now. However, there are some of the best VR gears that you should consider buying if you really are into Virtual Reality and stuff. Believe me, it is a whole new experience once you wear that gear and start to see things.

Moreover, one should keep in mind that there is a lot of variation due to a broad VR development sector. So, when it comes to the forms of these gears. Some might be amazingly pricey; some might be budget-friendly. There are some gears that are light in weight and can be connected to your smartphone or game console easily, while some require another hardware. Have a look at these gears listed down below and you will have an idea, which is the right one for you.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung has been one of the very first companies that embraced the virtual reality technology. The brand didn’t only just come up with a VR gear, but it also designed a smartphone that supports the headset. The gear was designed by partnering with Oculus and doesn’t require you to have a PC or a console to make your gear work.

Samsung has really worked on the technology of virtual reality and now you can find the gears that support a lot of the phones. The lenses are made in a way that it splits the display between the eyes and the device. The best part is that you get some exceptional high-resolution display that results in some great visuals.

Oculus Quest

If you want to buy something that offers visuals that couldn’t be found anywhere else, then consider buying the Oculus Quest. The motion controllers have been installed in the gear in a way that it detects even the slightest of the movements. The gamers would move their fingers and the motion controller can detect it. The Oculus Quest comes with surround sound technology paired with in-built speakers, high-resolution display and then the users can easily download apps with the onboard storage.

The designs serve a great addition for all the gamers.

PlayStation VR

It is the only greatest VR to get if you want to pair it with a game console. The gear comes with a 5.7 inch OLED display and some graphics that will make your gaming experience even more intriguing. The gear has a 120 Hz refresh rate and offers great resolution. Moreover, if you have a PS4 then this is the best one for you.

Google Daydream

Meet the latest generation of the Google VR, known as the Daydream View. The VR headset gets connected with your smartphone and it is also currently growing its support to more smartphones. The biggest advantage that you will get with this gear is that it is very comfortable. It is made with very soft leather, much unlikely than other plastic material gears. The Daydream View is far better than its previous Cardboard.

HTC Vive Pro

A more enhanced version of the HTC Vive and it is recognized as the ‘professional-grade’ VR set. You get enhanced resolution and display with the HTC Vive Pro. The sound technology has been very much improved that will add towards a better experience. You would need to get a very powerful device for the Vive Pro, but it is definitely something worth it.

Acer AH101 Windows Mixed Reality

You get a mixed bucket with this one for sure. The AH101 is a recent addition to the virtual reality portfolio and the user would require the latest version of Microsoft to use the VR set smoothly. The gear is cheap and the basic idea behind it is to make the virtual reality available for anyone. The price isn’t as high, as you would get with any other brand.

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