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March 30th, 2021

Importance of Penetration Testing Services


With the rise of cyber-attacks ranging from virtual bank heists to semi-open attacks, the last few years have been tough on IT security. As a result, it has become important to undertake vulnerability scans and penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and ensure the product is secure and working effectively.

Penetration testing is a certified testing exercise to recognize, test, and fix high-risk security gaps and flaws. Penetration Testing Services are used by organizations to protect their businesses from cyberattacks and help maintain compliance and eliminate IT cybersecurity threats. The primary reason why companies use penetration testing services is to help their personnel identify security gaps so that they can fix the gaps and learn how to handle break-ins and attacks from malicious entities. This test is very effective in examining whether the security policies of a product or system are genuinely effective.

There Are Generally Two Types of Penetration Testing Services – Manual and Automated.

Let’s look at what these services have to offer.

1. Manual Penetration Testing Services

Manual Penetration Testing services are generally very extensive, methodical, and come at a high cost for which organizations perform them infrequently, usually once per quarter or once per year. Organizations contract these services from security consulting firms or ethical hackers. This type of penetration testing can be unpredictable as the performance depends upon the skills of the tester. A skilled tester should be –

  1. Certified in relevant technology systems and compliance standards
  2. Skilled with IT systems used by your organization
  3. Experienced with exploit toolkits
  4. Experienced in social engineering
  5. Analytical
  6. A good communicator

2. Automated Penetration Testing Services

Automated penetration testing services come as a software as a service (SaaS) platform, which is given to the organization as automated tools that it can use to perform penetration tests against its own systems. This type of penetration testing is predictable, inexpensive, can be performed on a continuous basis.

Some of the required features that organizations and product owners seek while evaluating an automated penetration testing service are –

  1. Collection of up-to-date instructions for vulnerability remediation
  2. Capability to collaborate with multiple testers on a single testing project.
  3. Regular reporting and noting severity metrics
  4. Customizable reporting formats
  5. Long-term tracking of penetration testing activities and fixing the vulnerabilities encountered
  6. Integration with ticketing systems and governance, risk, and compliance

Why Conduct Penetration Testing Services for your Software?

Penetration Testing Services are used to keep your product safe and secure from malicious actors who may gain unauthorized access. Some of the main reasons to use penetration testing services for your product are discussed below.

  1. It helps strengthens systems effectively by analyzing technical vulnerabilities and other flaws.
  2. It identifies security weaknesses in a system or software.
  3. It mitigates Cyber Security risks and eliminates vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them.
  4. It examines the organization’s security policies and checking if they are genuinely effective.

Secure your Product with TFT

TFT’s Penetration Testing Services are designed to help organizations secure their business from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. We understand the severity of a security breach and what it can do to your software and your entire business. We have several years of experience and certified expertise in Cybersecurity to make sure that your business is hack-proof.

Range of Penetration Testing Services offered by TFT
  1. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)
  2. Web Application Penetration Testing
  3. Mobile App Penetration Testing
  4. Network VAPT
  5. IoT Penetration Testing
  6. Social Engineering Penetration Testing
  7. Red Team Attack

Our Penetration Testing Services are designed to help organizations secure their business from data breaches, cyber-attacks, and prevent hackers to gain unauthorized access. TFT has an excellent team of trained and skilled QA engineers who will make sure that your business is hack-proof.

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