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August 28th, 2018

Machine Learning 2.0 : TFT’s Marvel Triumph


Machine learning and AI are not new words in the dictionary of Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd (TFT). Cognitive computing combines AI methods, database-based technologies, and human-machine interfaces. In recent years, visualization has been an important driver and has helped TFT to make a mark in the development of machine learning techniques.

Applications of Machine Learning in the Present World

Machine Learning is the new black of the IT Industry, it’s new, it’s hyped and it’s here to stay for long. Machine Learning is producing some of the major changes in different industries and their working process. The implementation process may take its time, but once intact, it will be the start of the new era. We bring to you here some of TFT’s outlines on machine learning in different fields and industries:


Agriculture is one of the oldest industries in existence and has laid the foundation of human civilization. The demand for consumption in agriculture is directly proportional to the population growth, posing a burden on the industry for increased production. Going by the various reports on machine learning, it is suggested that incorporating machine learning in agriculture will help the production to increase by 4 folds without compromising on the quality of the produce.

Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has always been devoted to cultivating the technology from imagination to reality. We are in the middle of some technology development with our Agritech partners which include robotic irrigation systems, crop health monitoring & supervising, and Sensor Automated processes.

Robotic Irrigation System

The agricultural industry has always been dependent on manual labor to carry out its processes since the very beginning and the very attempt to infuse automation in agricultural practices is a complex operation. Reforming the process and bringing the contrivance up to the mark with an upgraded procedure is a burdensome job. Execution requires several scheduled steps, following one at a time pattern.

One of the most helpful innovations being developed in the agricultural sector is the robotic irrigation system. In the beginning, it will be implemented on the irrigation system to schedule time intervals and automate watering the field with the right amount of water.

The second step will bring the monitoring process into play. The technology will be developed to monitor every step of the farming process. From analyzing the quality of crops to suggesting ways to improve the output without wasting resources. The step will include the soil monitoring, suggestions for multiple cropping, information about the correct quantity and suitable types of pesticides and fertilizers, and updating the agriculturalist about the list of the crops that are best suited for harvest on a particular piece of land. Robotic Irrigation System will perform these functions on the basis of various parameters like by understanding the quality of soil, past data, and current forecasts about seasons, eg: future prediction of rainfall, etc. It will help farmers to schedule the crops they want to cultivate as per the seasons guiding them about required inputs.

The integration of every labor-saving tasks to accomplish an automated irrigation system is one tedious job, but the benefits are worth the complexities. The automated irrigation system promises to bring many positive changes for farmers from reducing the production costs of crops, to making the industry more competitive and sustainable. It will also help farmers to increase average crop yields, make better decisions regarding sowing of crops, minimizing environmental impacts caused by excess applied water and subsequent agrichemical leaching, and maintaining the desired soil water range in the root zone which is optimal for plant growth. It creates low labor input for irrigation and maintenance processes and saves water compared to irrigation management based on average historical weather conditions.

Marketing and Advertisements

When we say marketing, it’s difficult to explain it with just one definition owing to its vast meanings. We at Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd., believe that Marketing is the flag bearer of business management. In order to pace up, marketing maneuverings it’s necessary to align them with technology progressions, and incorporating Machine Learning in marketing and advertising are such solutions. Machine Learning will ameliorate marketing by automating the tracking of leads and increasing the efficiency of sales targeting. It will also help in improving the conversion rates, analyzing consumer behavior, and accurately segregating the funnel between highly loyal to inconsistent buyers. It will also have wondrous effects on advertising, from personalized advertising to running of advertising and marketing campaigns.

Here we share the concepts in the respective field on which Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is working:

Monitoring Customer Value

Customer Value Analysis (CVA) is a significant principle as it assists an organization with competitor analysis and allows to measure customers’ buying pattern and their reviews about parallel industry competitors.

It is an investigation method that helps an organization to distinguish their image in the market in comparison to its competitors.

Bringing Machine Learning into play will efficiently automate the entire analysis process and help marketers scrimp valuable time to read the analysis by producing a quick summary and providing suggestions to make better and faster decisions. Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is in the middle of providing the aforementioned assistance to the clients in improving their marketing methods which will help to track each and every customers’ activity and determine the timespan and value of customers’ association with the company. It will also keep a track of the latest trends in the market and predict fluctuations in demand and changes in the industry.

The application will bring many advantages to an organization, it won’t just improve the analysis part but will help in improving much more marketing tasks. It will help to monitor and frame a more accurate funnel for them, automatically fill the funnel and find at what level of the funnel the particular consumer lies, automatically generate monthly reports and warnings if the consumer is slipping down. It will be a great tool to improve the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) of the organization.


Security technologies are experiencing some big game-changing trends and market movement indicates that machine learning is one such great addition to it.

 The future application of machine learning in security technologies will ensure the curbing of hackers and the prevention of violations. The incidence of security attacks is an issue that has been intensifying over the years which costs enterprises in terms of brand image and material cost. Machine Learning has brought some remarkably effective detection and prevention techniques to prevent security attacks.

Being an IT solutions company, Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is no way behind in getting hold of the trending security technologies and here we present a few of our concepts:

Face Recognition:

Using the human face as a key to security, Face Recognition is a modish category of biometric application that uniquely recognizes a person by comparing and analyzing patterns of an individual’s facial characteristic and attribute and store it in the database as a passcode. The application employs a “Machine Learning algorithm” to run a comparison between the stored image and live image to verify the user’s identity.

Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is in the process of framing some of the most beneficial solutions using the “Face Recognition System” in the areas of home security, time tracking, and attendance, etc.

Automated code scanning:

Automated Code Scanning, a conceptual application which is in the ultimate stage of the development process, will help search the malicious code in software and will automatically run the scanning and highlight all the spiteful part of an application. This application will help Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is serving its clients in a more efficient way in the domains of software and application testing by automating various testing processes.


Machine learning is one of the most buzzed topics among healthcare tech professionals, as it poses a question among executive clinical decision-makers that- Will this evolving technology will replace physicians?  It’s been stated earlier that the doctor’s brain is the best machine learning tool in the healthcare industry and neither machine learning nor any other future technologies in pharma, will be able to lessen the importance of physicians but will become tools that they’ll use to improve ongoing care.

Machine learning will be having a great foothold in the healthcare sector as machine learning works on the principle of more the data, better the results and the healthcare sector is generating enormous data every year and slowly moving towards becoming a data goldmine.

Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is developing some concepts to leverage the great potential of the healthcare industry because we believe that it is one of the critical topics and that has the ability to remodel the industry.

To start with, Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd. went into depth to search for answers to the questions like ‘Is machine learning will certainly make healthcare more organized? How will it function? Who can we use it and how should we implement it?’

According to the answers to the above-mentioned questions, we comprehended that Machine learning will make the diagnosis and disease recognition better, Personalized Treatment/Behavioral Modification, Drug Discovery & Manufacturing, Clinical Trial Research, Radiology & Radiotherapy, Smart Electronic Health Records, Epidemic Outbreak Prediction, etc.


Summing-up our analyses in machine learning, it is an incredible breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence giving rise to a new technology revolution. There are some wondrous implications of machine learning applications which we can think of, but there is more to it, there are several other ways this technology can improve our lives.

If you found any other Machine Learning applications, So, please Let us know in the comments section below!

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