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April 16th, 2019

6 Reasons UX In Website Design Is Important


Are you planning to build a new interface? Then you must understand why UX in website design is so important. Try to think of your own bad internet surfing experiences. Did you ever leave an online store midway during a purchase because the entire process was not smooth? Maybe you got irritated while visiting another interface as you could not easily locate the information you were looking for. This kind of emotional response which can affect the conversion rate and revenue of an interface is what makes optimizing the user experience so vital. So when you hire a website design company for creating your new interface, ask it to provide a detailed plan of how the layout will provide good user experience to visitors. Let’s see why UX must be considered as an integral part of all web design projects.

1. Makes A Website More Usable

One of the biggest benefits of planning the UX of an interface is that it will make the website more usable. The information will be presented in an organized manner making it easy for the audiences to find anything on the website. The navigation will be well-structured so that people can move between the different sections seamlessly. The easy to use nature of the layout will encourage them to take the desired action. They are also likely to spend a long time on such interfaces with an orderly arrangement. Creating a layout by keeping the visitors in mind will ultimately help in improving the visibility of the website and boosting its conversion rate.

2. Optimizes Page Loading Speed

Ask people what they hate the most while surfing the internet. A majority of them will mention waiting for a page to load. The advancements in technology have improved internet connection speeds around the world. Visitors expect websites to render quickly in their browsers on all kinds of devices. In fact, if a page takes more than 3-4 seconds to load, chances are it will be abandoned by the users. This is one of the most important factors which is also considered by Google for deciding its search results positions. When UX in website design is discussed right at the planning stage, then the professionals will employ the best practices like code minification and image optimization to create fast-loading pages.

3. Ensures Mobile-friendliness Of The Website

Another important factor that is essential for the creation of a high-quality website is mobile-friendliness. Most people around the world are using smart devices to surf the internet. It is impossible to hope for success without having an interface that can be easily accessed on all types of gadgets. Reputed web design services make sure that they integrate responsive techniques in a layout to facilitate its display on all screen dimensions. Moreover, they also customize elements like buttons and navigational links for touch gestures. This helps mobile users to easily target a tab on a small screen and explore the interface without any problems.

4. Vital For Effective SEO

Informative content optimized with relevant keywords is not the only factor which guarantees a high search results position. Search engines like Google look at the overall usability and the experience provided by a website to its visitors to rank their results. They want to ensure that their users are provided with the best and accurate information. Once a strategy is made to improve and optimize the UX of an interface, it will automatically have a positive impact on its SEO. The important factors like page loading speed and responsiveness will be taken care of right at the design stage itself. This will make sure that the web pages are optimized for search engines right from the beginning.

5. Helps Build A Dependable Image

Making sure that the interface provides a satisfying experience to users will help in building a dependable image. People are not going to trust a poorly-fashioned layout which is not easily usable. This will not only have a negative effect on the traffic but also hit the conversion rate of the interface. When an owner ensures that the pages look visually appealing and facilitate easy navigation, then people will trust the business and visit it again and again.

6. Vital For Beating Competition

There are countless websites on the internet and users can find hundreds of options in every category. So how do website owners make sure that people visit their interfaces rather than going to a rival? The answer lies in creating a wholesome user experience. Visitors will keep coming back if they find authentic information easily. Let’s take the example of an online store. Most people go back to the same store to make purchases as they expect to find what they are looking for and they can conduct the transaction quickly. Optimizing the UX helps businesses and individuals keep ahead of their competitors.


Integrating UX in website design helps improve the usability and overall quality of an interface. This positively impacts the traffic and conversion rate of the website and boosts the revenue generated by the enterprise.

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