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October 20th, 2021

Role of Software Testing in Facilitating Digital Transformation and Enhancing Customer Experience


Every business needs high-quality digital apps to deliver a seamless customer experience, especially in today’s highly competitive world. However, in order to deliver a robust customer experience, high-quality and security of digital apps is essential. As such, digital testing becomes very crucial for businesses to deliver a seamless and effective customer experience. 

Digital testing enables end-to-end testing of applications which improves their quality, performance, and security, which then ultimately helps businesses to deliver a great customer experience. 

What is Digital Testing?

Digital testing is a special type of software testing that covers all aspects of software testing. This type of testing includes both functional and non-functional testing and ensures that the app works under any conditions. This method allows for end-to-end testing of digital apps and platforms.

Digital testing can be used by businesses to test digital apps. This includes regression testing and automation testing as well as security testing, performance testing, security, big data testing, and cross-browser tests. This type of testing is highly sought after across all industries, as it covers a wide range of software testing types. Digital testing methods are expected to grow in popularity in the future.

Businesses must leverage digital testing as they increase their digital transformation efforts. Here are some examples of how digital testing can help businesses achieve digital transformation.

1. Great Customer Experience (CX)-

A seamless user experience is a key element of digital transformation. Digital testing is a way for businesses to make sure their digital apps and platforms function well and deliver great CX.

2. Digital technology integration is possible

Adoption and integration of digital technology are essential for digital transformation. Digital testing allows seamless integration of all digital technology across an organization.

3. Data security and privacy is guaranteed

Businesses today are concerned about data security and privacy. Digital testing allows for robust checks of apps against security vulnerabilities and other privacy issues.

4. Allows continuous improvement –

Digital testing is an end-to-end test of the software. This allows for the early detection of bugs and the removal of those defects. This testing can be done in the DevOps environment to improve software quality.

5. Helps to personalize/customize the services –

Businesses must provide personalized services to customers in order to ensure digital transformation. Businesses can use digital testing to gain customer insight and tailor their services to meet customer needs. This testing is essential for any digitally transforming business to improve its CX. Let’s examine the role of digital testing to improve the CX in all industries.

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Implementing digital solutions creates new challenges in testing

Digital Transformation is presenting new challenges to the QA/Test function.

  • Integration of services across public, private, and local platforms can be tested
  • End-to-end workflow testing and orchestration of data, services
  • Consistency across multiple channels (mobile, traditional and social)

These major challenges are indicative of how difficult it is for organizations to test and compare consistency in graphical user interfaces. This is especially true in light of the rapidly changing browser versions and machine configurations. The validation of customer experience is the key digital implementation challenge.

TFT offers a variety of offshore testing services to ensure that your website or software is available on millions of devices without any errors or glitches. At TFT, our main focus is on the functionality and quality of the product. Our team of trained QA testers employs all of our resources to find bugs and create new enhancements.

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