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May 27th, 2020

TFT’s Partnership With Routier Paving Way To A Stronger Future For Both The Companies


Continuing its progression as a leading and dedicated SaaS Technology service provider, Think Future Technologies (TFT) has joined hands with Routier, established marketing and AI operations innovator for hospitality entities. 

The two companies reap the benefits of financial and business mentoring from this partnership. The equity agreement, which was signed on 14/11/18, aids them to gain an edge over their global rivals. Aimed at accelerating their growth, this association will allow these evolving organizations to create a portfolio that can potentially enhance their global reach.

Let’s dive deeper into exploring TFT and Routier.

The Background Story

Think Future Technologies (TFT)

Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a prominent CMMI Level-3 Certified technology service provider. Besides, it is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Indo-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industries member, and Nasscom Member. To top it off, we have also featured in Deloitte’s top 50 leading tech companies.

Having earned the membership certificate of The Unicode Consortium, TFT has secured the attention of some of the Fortune Global Corporations like Etsy, Facebook, Caviar, Intel, Seagate, Fitbit, Geeks for Geeks, Bugcrowd, and many more by highlighting security vulnerabilities in their systems.

Today, TFT proudly stands as one of the leading Software Testing, Mobile Development, Web Application, and Software Development company while also being a QA, QTP, Framework, Selenium, Flex/Flash, RIA, Full-stack Development, DevOps, IoT Development, Automation Security, Industrial IoT, Big Data, UX/UI, and Blockchain Development Company.

Our broad clientele includes some prominent names like American Greetings, Beam, Connectoo, Linkury, MakeMeReach, muzic.io, and others. With its offices based in Israel, India, Sweden, and the US, the considerable success of TFT speaks for itself. In its 13 years of working, the company has grown into an enterprise that values innovation, commitment, and creativity.

Over the years, the organization has gained unparalleled experience and expertise in handling a broad spectrum of disruptive technologies. 

With its rich values, the company has been able to maintain and grow its business for over a decade now.

The team members at TFT are guided by highly standardized business values and ethics that characterize incredible work and give life to the customer’s vision in the form of customized deliverables.


Routier is a global hospitality tech company with offices in both Israel & the U.S. that gained universal popularity in a short period, with its customer base spanning three continents thus far. The company’s immense success is astonishing considering the fact that it has raised only a total funding of close to $6M to date.

With state-of-the-art hotel-guest engagement solutions, it helps the hospitality groups improve and enhance customer satisfaction and experience. Routier’s tailored solutions empower the hotels to provide both their guests and staff with exceptional experiences.

The advanced, patented technologies of Routier create an engaging environment that make it seamless on behalf of the guests and doesn’t require any installation on their devices.

The company’s hospitality solutions offer a seamless experience to the guests with the ability to communicate with the hotel, either to report issues, make requests or simply provide feedback, while the hotel’s staff can utilize Routier’s “workflow” solution to respond in real-time

How have TFT and Routier Benefitted from this Partnership?

Combining TFT’s tech solutions with Routier’s guest task and request management solutions has formed a winning combination of operational and scalable capabilities for both the companies. The partnership is helping them benefit their customers with reformed services and products.

This association of two robust tech solutions based companies has provided them with the components needed to add unique customized products to their portfolio. This has also bettered their capabilities of leveraging innovative technology to provide evolved services to the clients whom they serve collectively or individually.

Both companies now have an agile approach to efficient and quick software development solutions. It started with 1 Routier employee, which has now turned into a hand full team . TFT has been able to utilize Routier’s performance indicators and management platform for maximizing its brand value.

Future of TFT and Routier in the Light of their Partnership

Routier, a pioneering hospitality brand, and TFT, a tech solutions innovator, have come together to elevate their business standards by elevating the customer experience and engagement level with their matchless deliverables. This partnership has encouraged the experts of these organizations to create the ‘best’ by adapting to the proposed innovative technological solutions.

This collaboration has encouraged both of these companies and their staff members to deliver the brand promises much more efficiently. As for the future, you can expect higher standards through unified performance and standard measurement tools for benchmarking and managing their operational efforts.

Final Takeaway

The association with Routier is giving Think Future Technologies access to the suite of advanced solutions ideal for maintaining its strong position in the industry.

The partnership has opened a broad spectrum of business opportunities for the duo. You can expect the firms to double down on customer engagement and innovation while scaling up to bolster unique concepts needed for optimizing operational efficiencies and fast-track their overall growth.

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